Order of Saint Augustine

"Anima una et cor unum in Deum!" (Regula)

Thought of Saint Augustine
You hear «The Body of Christ», and you reply «Amen». Be part of Christ, so that your «Amen» is true.
Great misery is the proud man, but greater mercy is the humble God.
(De cat. rud. IV, 8)
I realize what I am and praise you for it. Come to my aid, that I may not stray from the way of salvation.
(Sermo 67, 9)

The International Vocations Commission

The Commission sees its primary role as that of promoting a "vocation culture" within the Order so as to sensitize all friars to an awareness of their responsibility in the promotion of vocations and to be enthusiastic in drawing others to embrace the Augustinian way of life.

Specifically, the Commission seeks to do this in the following ways:

  • by encouraging friars in a continual renewal of our Augustinian way of life as an indispensable means of vocational promotion.
  • by helping major Superiors to be aware that their first responsibility is the promotion of vocations.
  • by including in this vocation culture the active participation of the laity.
  • by providing materials and ideas to vocation promoters and encouraging them to share experiences, programs and resources for vocation promotion.
  • by emphasizing in the work of vocation promotion that our call is above all to live Augustinian religious life through a diversity of ministries, that of both brothers and priests.
  • by fostering an awareness that vocational work is among the young as well as among a growing number of older candidates.

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