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Thought of Saint Augustine
Whoever seeks joy in himself will be sad, but whoever seeks joy in God will always be joyful because God is forever.
(In Io. Ev. XIV, 2)
The absence of the Lord is not an absence. Just believe, and the one who you do not see is with you.
Great misery is the proud man, but greater mercy is the humble God.
(De cat. rud. IV, 8)

Augustinian Historical Institute


Revised at the 21 October 2009 Assembly of the Historical Institute. Approved by the Prior General in official memos dated the 5th and 28th of November 2009.

I. General Provisions

Article 1. The Augustinian Historical Institute (= AHI) is a cultural organization of the t Augustine created by the General Council of the Order on the 16th of December 1969 – Acta Ordinis 14(1969)308-310 -. It is governed by the present Statutes and by provisions that may be added.

Article 2. The office of the AHI is located in the General Curia of the Order of Saint Augustine (Rome).

Article 3. The AHI is of an international character.

Article 4. The constitution of the AHI perdures for indefinite period of time.

II. Purposes

Article 5. The purposes of the AHI are to:

a)Develop and coordinate historical research activities concerning the Order of Saint Augustine.
b)Promote and organize meetings, conferences, courses, study days and congresses related to Augustinian history.
c)Publish the results of research in Analecta Augustiniana, or in other suitable publications.
d)Strengthen collaboration of the study and the teaching of the history of the Order.
e)Promote the interests of the Institute within the fields of historical and ecclesiastical studies.
f)Cultivate contacts with other similar historical institutes, associations and institutions.
g)Undertake any other activities that would be deemed advisable in accord with the purposes of the Institute.

III. Membership

Article 6. The AHI is formed by permanent, honorary and corresponding members. The nomination of new members of the AHI, or a change in category pertains to the Prior General and his council. The presentation of new members, or a proposal for a change of category is to be decided by resolution of a majority of the assembly of the Historical Institute, after the candidate has been previously proposed by a member of the Institute.

Article 7.

7.1. In order to be proposed as a permanent member, the candidate must be a member of the Order of Saint Augustine and have a qualified curriculum vitae: higher academic degree, scientific publications and recent historical research. Friars who accept permanent membership in the Institute commit themselves to continue their research and to collaborate in projects of the Institute.

7.2. In order to be proposed as an honorary member, the candidate must belong to the Order of Saint Augustine, demonstrate a creditable interest in the history of the Order and have contributed in a significant way to the knowledge and diffusion of the same.

7.3. In order to be proposed as a corresponding member, the candidate must be sufficiently initiated in historical research, have accomplished an important activity in the study of the history of the Order and be willing to participate in the activities of the Institute.


Article 8. Membership in the AHI entails:

a)Acceptance of and commitment to respect the current Statutes.
b)The obligation of collaborating in the objectives proper to the Institute.
c)The right to be informed of the activities organized by the Institute.

Article 9. The permanent members of the AHI also have the obligation to participate in the General Assembly and produce publications. They have the right to vote on proposals for the appointment of new members and to be elected to offices within the Institute.

Article 10. Permanent membership in the AHI is relinquished by a member's own request, by failure to fulfill the Statutes and resolutions passed by the units of government and by not participating in two consecutive meetings of the General Assembly without reasonable justification. The General Council will determine the re-adjustment of the category of membership or the removal of the member, should that be the case.



Article 11. The administration and coordination of the Institute is exercised by the General Assembly and the Governing Board.

Article 12. The General Assembly, consisting of all the members of the AHI, should be convened, in ordinary session, once every three years. An extraordinary session will be called when decided by a decision of the full governing board, or requested in writing by a majority of the members of the Institute. Only permanent members have the right to vote. The number of members present constitutes a quorum for the validity of the assembly.

Article 13. The functions of the General Assembly are to:

a)Review the activity of the Institute.
b)Approve new projects of the Institute.
c)Propose the members of the Governing Board to the Prior General and Council.
d)Propose the admission of new members and, when necessary, removals, and changes of category of current members.
e)Study the revisions of the current Statutes.

Article 14. The Governing Board is composed of the President, Secretary and one counselor, all of whom are elected by the general assembly. The president can be reelected consecutively to office only once.

Article 15. The competencies of the Governing board are:

a)Planning, administration of the activities of the Institute – discussions, conferences, congresses and other scientific and cultural activities of an Augustinian character - as well as the administrative management of the Institute.
b)Decisions regarding the publication of works – books, studies, monographs, etc. – of recognized interest for the history of the Augustinian Order.

Article 16. The governing board will hold its meetings as convened by the President. Resolutions of the board must be passed by a majority.

Article 17. The duties proper to the President are to:

a)Direct, promote and coordinate the activities of the AHI in all areas of its competence.
b)Represent the Institute and act in its name.
c)Preside over the functions and the activities planned by the Institute.
d)Convene, preside over and execute the resolutions of the Governing Board and of the General Assembly.
e)Present a report to the General Assembly on the activities of the Institute.
f)Promote the interests of the members of the Institute through suitable initiatives of mutual collaboration.
g)Resolve problems which could affect the progress of the Institute.

Article 18. The Secretary will assume the duties of the President in case of illness or vacancy.

Article 19. The office of Secretary of the Institute will be assumed preferably by a member who resides in Rome. He will have the responsibility to prepare the acts of the meetings of the governing board and the General Assembly, to collaborate with the President and to carry out the functions assigned to him by the Governing Board.

Article 20. Since the AHI does not have its own source of income, the responsibility for its financing will form part of the budget of the General Curia of the Order.

Article 21. The members of the Governing Board perform their functions without financial remuneration. The expenses incurred in the organization of its programs and the administration of its activities will be assumed by the General Curia of the Order.

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