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"Anima una et cor unum in Deum!" (Regula)

Thought of Saint Augustine
The majesty of God surpasses by far our capacity for expression, because it is better to think of God than to talk of Him, and better is He still than what is thought.
(De Trinitate VII, 4,7)
Mary was happy because she listened and kept God's word. She kept the truth in her spirit more than in the flesh of her womb.
The absence of the Lord is not an absence. Just believe, and the one who you do not see is with you.

Course for Augustinian Formators


Dear Brothers,

The 2007 Ordinary General Chapter celebrated in Rome reconfirmed the need and the urgency to create a Distance Learning Course for Formators in the Order. The goal of this Distance Learning Course for Formators was for all to have the opportunity to study the Plan of Augustinian Formation (Ratio Institutionis) in a more reflective and deeper way. Because we all try to grow “in one mind and one heart on the way to God,” this Course was prepared not only for formators and formation teams, but also for those in the local community. The Course was offered in Spanish, English and Italian and was prepared by the International Formation Commission.

It was expected that all formators of the Order be able to take this Distance Learning Course that ended with a Gathering in Italy during the summer of 2011. Formators registered in this Course had access to a different theme based on the Ratio Institutionis which was published at the beginning of each month on the web page of the Order. This monthly topic developed a theme followed by some questions for reflection and discussion that could be used not only formators, but among the members of the local community. A short bibliography follows each topic.

Participants in this Distance Learning Course had the opportunity to send comments, reflections, questions or any other bibliographical note pertinent to each topic. Participants were also able to share other articles, books or any other materials to build an “on-line library.”

Formators commited themselves to follow this Distance Learning Course month after month and finish it with the Gathering in Italy in 2011. This 2011 International Gathering was open only to those who participated in the Course. The Theme of the Gathering was: “Accompaniment in Augustinian Formation in Light of the Ratio Institutionis: Resources and Techniques.” In this International Gathering, formators and presenters will had the opportunity to begin the task of modifying and/or rewriting the Ratio Institutionis.

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