We dwell in the Lord when we are his body and he dwells in us when we are his temple.

Saint Augustine

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The love of knowledge and truth should invite us to continue learning. The love of others should compel us to teach. (Answers to the Eight Questions of Dulcitius III,6)


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July 24-28, 2017
Villanova University
800 E. Lancaster Ave.

Villanova, Pennsylvania (USA)
Cost: $500.00 o 490 Euro

Dear Brother,

The International Commission for Augustinian Centers of Education is preparing for an International Congress which will take place at Villanova University (USA) from July 24-28, 2017. The theme chosen for the Congress is: Augustinian Pedagogy: A Passion for Education: The love of knowledge and truth should invite us to continue learning. The love of others should compel us to teach. (Augustine: Answers to the Eight Questions of Dulcitius).

Our OSA Constitutions remind us that, we should have the greatest esteem for the educational apostolate and consider it as one of the special missions of our Order. (Const. 161). The International Congress at Villanova University is one of the ways we are able to demonstrate our esteem for this apostolate. The Congress will provide the opportunity for those who participate in the ministry of Augustinian education to encounter each other in a professional environment and share with each other experiences and successful programs from their respective centers of education.

We plan to explore the theme of the Congress with three main talks presented at the beginning of each day. (Day 2: Augustinian Passion for Spirituality: Love of Knowledge and Search for Truth; Day 3: Augustinian Passion for Teaching and Learning: Compelled to Teach; Day 4: Augustinian Passion for Justice and Peace: Love for others) In the afternoon of Tuesday, July 25th and Thursday, July 27th we are planning a series of workshops which will be of 90 minutes duration, repeated on four occasions, twice on Tuesday and twice on Thursday with different participants. We are encouraging the presenters to engage the participants so that the workshops become creative and dynamic opportunities in accordance with Augustinian Pedagogy.

We are encouraging all our centers of education to send participants to this Congress (4 per school) and ask for your assistance in spreading the word and encouraging the schools in your circumscription to register. Information regarding the congress and registration can be found on the Order’s website:

If you should have any questions you can contact the Chair of the Commission for Augustinian Centers of Education, Joseph Farrell at or the Vice-chair, Franz Klein at

May God continue to bless our apostolates of education.


Alejandro Moral Antón, OSA
Prior General


Includes: Accommodations (single accommodation in 2 bedroom or 4 bedroom apartments)

5 nights (July 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 2017)

Meals: 5 breakfasts, 5 lunches, 5 dinners

Transportation to visit Philadelphia during the Congress

Registration, Materials, Congress expenses

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From the Order



" See, I am doing something new!

Now it springs forth, do you not perceive it?"

(Is 43,19).

Dear brothers and sisters:

At this time when the Church reflects on young people (The Synod of the Bishops, World Youth Day), I would like to address you, our brothers and sisters of the Order of St. Augustine who are in this stage of life, and who make up a significant part of the Order, and have a very important perspective and responsibility.  In your hands is the future of the Order.

We are preparing the Augustinian Youth Encounter, and recently I addressed a letter to the youth who participate in our schools, parishes and other Augustinian youth groups.[1] However, I would also like to be in special contact with you, our young Augustinian brothers and sisters. I write to you from my heart with a desire to continue the dialogue already begun in various encounters and visits where I was able to meet you and come to know you better.   I sincerely believe that your contribution is essential and, therefore, should not be addressed from complacent flattery, but from trust, necessity and clarity, and always in a spirit of friendship.


1. The courage to be young

Our Order, already in its origins, was an effective engine of renewal in the Church and must continue to be so. The Augustinians are in five continents developing many activities and pastoral services, attentive to the needs of the Church. We know how to integrate various cultures and sensitivities, keeping alive our special charism, the gift inspired by the Spirit, as we live at a particular time and in certainly complex circumstances. The Order is changing rapidly and will soon have a profile diverse from that which we are familiar. This demands from all of us, now and in the coming years, a profound and serene reflection. Together we will find the most appropriate ways to "be" in the world, to live the Augustinian charism at the present time. We remember the words of the Second Vatican Council: "The adaptation and renewal of the religious life includes both the constant return to the sources of all Christian life and to the original spirit of the institutes and their adaptation to the changed conditions of our time."[2].

Our era is characterized by great contrasts and enormous challenges. Being aware of the difficulties should not separate us from a hopeful attitude towards the future while communicating enthusiasm. That is why I ask you to abandon all pessimism. Do not listen to the negative and destructive voices, eternally sad, that look to the past as a false refuge of fear and selfishness[3]. Do not support them. It is terrible to find young people spiritually aged. Fossilized mentalities, hardened hearts, and selfish behaviors are signs of death and should not characterize any young person.  Always be creators of the future, apostles of a new era, communicators of enthusiasm. Yes, you, our young people find yourselves with a broad horizon of problems but also of opportunities. There is no room for conformism or sterile lament. You have to dream together of a horizon of possibilities and put your hands and hearts together to achieve it. Passivity for fear of being wrong and resigning yourselves to accept things instead of being protagonists of the transformation that the signs of our time demand, may be more comfortable, but it is also the least constructive attitude. The biggest mistake is to avoid risk, to watch as passive spectators the problems of the Church and the Order. Such an attitude supposes betraying our faith and our vocation and leads us to disenchantment.

We need answers and options. And it is up to you to have initiative. I know that sometimes it is difficult. There are internal struggles, centered on the temptation of remaining comfortable, of remaining tranquil. The loss of a first love results in a search, as an absolute priority, for a safe haven in which to live without complications. This is nothing but a surrender, an abandonment of religious life in practice. Every choice of selfishness is inevitably a death option. It is very sad to find people who have lost their dynamism, who have no ideals, who do not live our charism with hope, who have lost their vocation. Never listen to the voices of bitterness, negativity and conformism. To follow and live for Christ in the Augustinian charism is a grace and a wonder that fills our life with light and our soul with joy.

But there are also external difficulties: the rejection of newness, being anchored in the past, the routine that involves many of our realities. Critical voices disturb; the alternatives baffle; the prophets are silenced. The "we have always done it that way" attitude appears as an evil motto that blocks us and that we must overcome. Do not be afraid to “stir things up” and do not resign yourself to silence and insignificance. Do not give up being protagonists. Yes, be relevant. Be the first to embody the novelty that you seek and that you demand. The novelty of Christ who calls and who offers us to follow him.

What is our response to Christ's invitation to follow him in the Augustinian way? It is not a response of phrases, or theories, however beautiful, but the authentic testimony of one's life. I believe that, in order to respond as Augustinians to the needs of the Church and the world, we must prepare ourselves well and concentrate in our studies, especially those that lead us to know in depth the thoughts of Saint Augustine and other figures of the Order. Not only in our initial formation, but throughout life. Be aware of the importance of meeting with Saint Augustine, with his thought and spirituality. It is truly essential to be able to live our vocation with a clear identity.[4] However, we must not forget that a true Augustinian is not one who repeats phrases of St. Augustine, or who quotes the saints or writers of the Order, but rather one who embodies his spirituality in daily life, which shows the features of the charism in one's existence.


2. Intimacy with Jesus.

A true religious life is not possible except in the encounter with Christ. Saint Augustine reminds us of it magnificently: "This alone I know, that without you all to me is misery, not only outside myself but also within, all wealth is but penury, if it is not my God."[5] A vocation must be ratified every day. The invitation of the Lord is reaffirmed at every moment and the response must always be updated. Do not let your vocation die from lack of care, for not renewing your daily encounter with the Lord.[6]

We need you to make the care of your spiritual life a priority, without falling into empty activism or passivity. Be vigilant to prevent worldliness from infiltrating you and leading you to the abandonment of prayer and the weakening of the interior life. Neglecting Christ within will then be filled by other gods that enslave the human being. The result will be unhappiness: not only will you not be happy but you will inevitably transmit bitterness to others. Young people: be men and women of prayer. This is essential and it is absolutely indispensable. Pay attention to your personal and community prayer, the celebration of the Eucharist, the instruments of spiritual renewal[7].

Be attentive to the times and, above all, to the quality of your lives. Some people seek assurances in formalism and appearances. That is not the way. Security is not found in empty ritualism, but in the conversion of the heart to Christ in the encounter with him. Do not be young people who are mundane, sick from secularism, or vain people and self-sufficient formalists. Be friends of Christ and, therefore, members of the family of God.

Yes, our challenge today is the achievement of a living spiritual experience, sustained by a healthy and intense life of personal and community prayer. Only then will we be relevant and, therefore, credible. It may be necessary to change structures and programs to take better advantage of the means offered to us. Allow this truly renovating option to lead you.


3. The identity of true love.

The Augustinian religious life is defined by our discovery of the communitarian dimension of faith and the recognition of the presence of Christ in the midst of those who meet in his name (Mt 18, 20). Although friction, differences of opinion and even discrepancies are inevitable, there is no doubt that friendship and coexistence are possible. The price of love is understanding and forgiveness. From there, we travel the path together, in the joy of being brothers and sisters, sharing what we have and, above all, who we are. We have gathered together, above all, "to have one soul and one heart on the way to God." [8] Always keep this in mind.

I am concerned about the weakening of community life. Communities should not be too large, but also not too small. There is the paradox that in an Order like ours, which has common life as a special point of reference, there are nevertheless a large number of communities with only two or three members. I think this should be an exception and not a usual practice.

In any case, however, no structure will be adequate if each of us does not take care of our personal relationships and community experience[9]. Pay attention that your work and duties do not prevent you from "being" in the community to share your life. Pay attention that the groups, the logical friendships, the management of ministerial activities, the meetings with collaborators are not an escape and a justification to flee from your community. May this misunderstood generosity not lead you to lose your way and obscure your vocation. Dedicate time to the community because the brothers and sisters need you as you need them. We do not profess the Augustinian religious life to be always away from home, witnessing absence instead of inclusion. Each member of the community should feel encouraged and sustained by the community, but also the community should feel encouraged and sustained by each individual.[10] A predecessor of mine wrote that the Augustinian community is our first apostolate.[11]

Another theme on which I want to comment is the need we have to strengthen the sense of the Order, overcoming localism: one is not a professed religious for a particular circumscription, but rather for the Order. Being an Augustinian means being part of a large family. We call ourselves brothers (fratres) and sisters (sorores). And we must be. We seek unity, the union of souls and hearts. That is why I am also surprised that at times some of us raise exclusive barriers because we are born in one country or another, in one region or another. Nationalism is an evil and a scandal. How can we exclude or reject anyone because of their birth, because of their origin? Please, always have a wide, welcoming, integrating view. Love the Order and tear down geographical and ideological barriers and borders. We are a single Order, a single family. The differences must be integrated and thus create a source of wealth.


4. A free heart.

While we have our basic needs covered, even more, many other people, particularly young people, are entrapped in poverty, a lack of culture, loneliness or a long list of those things that enslave us. Additionally, in our environment, the forms of poverty and exclusion have multiplied and demand of us an answer, which cannot come from worldliness, but from living simply, with generosity and mercy. In front of those who move primarily for economic interests; in front of those who accumulate and those who do not share their goods; in front of those who understand religious life as a profession or as an advance up the social scale, you are an example of detachment, of affective and effective poverty, and an example of freedom.

Be the voice of those who have none. St. Augustine does not hesitate to affirm that "Christ is destitute whenever a poor person is destitute"[12]. We all run the risk of living in a bubble, oblivious to the needs of today's men and women, without the cry of the poor reaching us. That is why we must abandon our comfort zones, resolve the scandal of poverty which speak to others, of which we even publicly make a vow, without really being poor and without worrying about fighting for justice. For this it is essential to be men and women who are open to welcoming others into our lives, listening to them and showing mercy. Let us never forget that the preferential option for the poor is born of the Gospel and implicit in Christological faith. [13]

It is necessary to leave our comfort and security: "Go out from your land, your country, and your father's house, to the land that I will show you" (Gn 12,1). Is not this the story of every vocation? Certainly. It is about listening to the call and responding to it with generosity and trust. The experience of God moves us to leave spiritual and personal tranquility, to put ourselves back on track. Get close to people, be empathetic, know their needs, do not create a separate elite status that is empty and false. Each of us is God's response to the needs of today's society. That is our responsibility. And you, with your generosity, can and must give a magnificent testimony of divine mercy, always active and always concrete.


5. The time for prophets.

The faith that we have received, the vocation to which we have been called, presupposes a type  of unique friendship with God, which has been revealed to us in Christ. It is the loving caress of God, a source of joy and action of the Spirit that broadens and fills our life with meaning. Today, more than ever, we need prophets rooted in the experience of God. Not activists, but rather, witnesses who speak to us about their existence; not sellers of words or entertainers, but relevant Christians who clearly express the enormous beauty of the Gospel, the truth of Christ, his joyful attractiveness. The future is for those who risk their lives, breaking the narrow limits of selfishness. Even going against the current. "Contemporary humanity," wrote Paul VI, "listens more easily to those who give testimony than to those who teach or if they listen to those who teach, it is because they give testimony."[14] It is the time of witnesses. It is the hour of the prophets.

If our elders dare to dream and our young people to prophesy (Joel 3,1), we will be cultivating a seed of hope that will undoubtedly flourish and bear fruit. In a world in which the face of God seems to have been lost, an audacious prophetic witness is urgent on the part of consecrated persons.  We know that true prophecy is born of God[15] and that authentic evangelization consists in announcing the Word of God, the work of God. God is in us and what Jesus Christ does through us[16]. Christ is always new; the eternal novelty that does not grow old. He "can also break through the dull categories with which we would enclose him and he constantly amazes us by his divine creativity. Whenever we make the effort to return to the source and to recover the original freshness of the Gospel, new avenues arise, new paths of creativity are open with different forms of expression, more eloquent signs and words with new meaning for today’s world"[17].

Now is also the proper occasion to strengthen vocation ministry, to meet other young people, inviting them to listen and reflect so that they can respond generously to a possible call. Do not hesitate to present the identity of the Augustinian religious life clearly to young people, showing how our spirituality, inspired by the fruitful thought of St. Augustine and of so many brothers and sisters throughout history, has been a powerful beacon in the Church through the centuries and must remain so today. The past does not have to be a weight to carry, but a stimulus. And never forget that your personal story is the best vocational propaganda. It is not in ideas, but lives lived; it is not programs, but in our witness.

Many of you have also told me of your desire for greater enthusiasm and creativity in our Order, so that we know how to anticipate the current challenges, renewing obsolete structures, recovering the missionary position in the Church, opening ourselves to other mentalities and other cultures no longer predominantly Western. Yes, as I said at the beginning, we must prepare the Order of St. Augustine for a new time, rediscovering the essential beauty and joy of being Augustinians. Now, we need a profound renewal to live radically the charism inspired by the Spirit. We must shake off routineness and resignation, be creative, get involved, take risks. Moving forward always from truth, which is reached by conversion of the heart. Young people: be protagonists of this essential renewal process. The Order needs you. Renewal will only be possible from personal choices and the vitality of small groups.  Hopefully in Chapters, in encounters, in meetings, the voice of young people will burst forth like a torrent of life and newness. I hope your testimony will shake us and provoke us, as you truly live as communicators of enthusiasm. I offer to you my availability and that of the General Council to respond to your concerns.

Thank you very much, dear brothers and sisters, for your work and, above all, for your lives. I write to you with sincerity, with full confidence and, also, with demands that spring from affection. I hope we can continue this dialogue. I hope that the ideas that I have expressed to you in this message will find an echo in you and you will develop them, reaching to conclusions and proposals. I commend myself to your prayers as I assure you of mine and I ask our Mother of Good Counsel to protect and accompany our common journey.

May God bless you always.

Rome, April 24, 2018


Fr. Alejandro Moral Antón,

Prior General OSA

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The Congress: "Luther and the Reformation: Saint Augustine and the Augustinian Order" is being broadcast on the television service: Telepace (in Italian)

From the Circumscriptions

On the Solemnity of our Holy Father St. Augustine, the Delegation of St. Rita, Kenya, celebrated the 25th anniversary of the presence of the Order in this part of Africa. In a beautiful and lively ceremony presided over by the bishop of Ishiara, Most Rev. Paul Karioki, the brothers in communion with the Augustinian contemplative nuns, the 'misioneras' sisters, some other religious and many lay faithful from the four Augustinian parishes expressed their thanksgiving to God for the gift of faith and abundant blessings over the years.

In the nineties, some Irish and Nigerian friars responded generously to the invitation to take up the mission in Kenya; they committed themselves to the spread of the gospel, the service of love among the people, the growth and expansion of the Order in the Church in Kenya.

The Prior General, in his message, read by Fr. Edward Daleng, thanked the Irish Province for their missionary zeal, sacrifice and continuous support to the Kenyan delegation. He encouraged the members of the young Kenyan circumscription to embrace the future with hope, to rise up to the challenges before them and to be faithful in articulating the Augustinian spirit by interpreting the 25 year heritage in a more coherent and realistic way. He says: "I invite you to continue to work to embody the Augustinian charism consistently, both in community life and in the experience of interiority, as well as in the mission in communion with the brothers together as one. In this way, you can continue to announce in the most effective way the Kingdom of God that has become a reality in Jesus Christ."

Six brothers (four Kenyans: Nichodemus Rono, Stephen Nyamwaya, Cyril Mulupi and Matthew Ngimbi and two Congolese: Jacques Bangbasa and Nicolas Takis) made the Solemn Profession of Religious Vows. This brings the number of the indigenous Solemnly Professed Kenyan Augustinians to 25 in 25 years, 7 Simply Professed and 14 postulants. The celebration was a unique occasion of grace as all the other members of the Delegation present renewed their Vows. So also did the Augustinian contemplative nuns and the 'misionera' sisters who attended the occasion.

The Delegation has five communities in Ishiara, South Lands and Baba Dogo-Nairobi, Kisumu and Eldoret where brothers work principally in the pastoral and formation apostolates.

Historically, the Portuguese Augustinians started a missionary venture in the coast of Mombasa toward the end of the 16th century. However, this lasted less than four decades as they were martyred alongside many Christ's followers in the successive century.

The Province of Cebu through the 450 Kaplag Executive Committee celebrated the closing activities of the 450th anniversaries of the rediscovery (kaplag) of the image of the Child Jesus in Cebu and the presence of the Augustinian Order in the Philippines and the 50th year of the Santo Niño Church as a minor basilica. These events were held from April 17 to 30, 2016.

The triduum masses, on April 25-28, at the Santo Niño Pilgrim Center every 5:30pm were presided by Bishop Emilio Bataclan, emeritus auxiliary bishop of Cebu (April 25), Bishop Pablo Virgilio David, chair of the CBCP-Permanent Committee for the Cultural Heritage of the Church (April 26), and Bishop Julito Cortes, bishop of the Diocese of Dumaguete (April 27).

On the feast day, April 28, Fr. Alejandro Moral, O.S.A., Prior General of the Order of Saint Augustine, Rome, Italy, celebrated the Mass and delivered his homily. Augustinian priests from the different parts of the country, Diocesan clergy from the Archdiocese of Cebu and other religious priests concelebrated in the triduum masses and the Kaplag Fiesta Mass.

The Philippine festivals in honor of Santo Niño de Cebu highlighted the celebrations after the 5:30 pm feast day mass on April 28.

Also, the unveiling of the commemorative marker and the time capsule was done on April 28, 10am, at the Basilica del Santo Niño de Cebu grounds. The time capsule is suggested to be opened on the year 2065 during the celebration of the 500th Anniversary of Kaplag and the Augustinian Presence in the Philippines, and the 100th Anniversary of the Santo Niño Church as Basilica Minore.

In celebration of the Chicago Province's 75th Anniversary, the friars held a special Diamond Jubilee Remembrance for the late Father Theodore E. Tack, O.S.A. Father Tack, who served as our Prior General from 1971 to 1983, was the first Prior General affiliated to the Chicago Province of Our Mother of Good Counsel.

This tribute video debuted at the Province's fourth annual Augustinian Gala on April 22, 2016, at the Drake Hotel in Chicago. The video was generously sponsored by the Susan & G.T. Bynum Family.

We express our congratulations to:

Solemn Profession

PHAM, Quang Tuyen (AUS), July 01, 2018
JANG, Dae-Geon Andrea (KOR), June 29, 2018
PARK, Hyo-Jin Francisco (KOR), June 29, 2018
ARROYO III, Dioscoro Royales (ORI), June 25, 2018
VILLENEUVE, Maxime J (CAL), June 18, 2018
NUÑEZ JUAREZ, Emmanuel (MEC), May 16, 2018
MARTINEZ VIZUETA, Jorge Jonathan (CHU), January 24, 2018
LIZ HERNANDEZ, Rafael Antonio (ANT), February 24, 2018
CANIZARES ORTIZ, José Antonio (HIS), February 24, 2018
MATÍAS MENDOZA, Álvaro José (PER), February 17, 2018
GUERRERO CARRERA, José Adán (QUI), February 02, 2018
KURISUNKAL, John Marshall (IND), January 29, 2018
MULLASEERY, Jijo Peter (IND), January 29, 2018
POLANCO DÍEZ, Mario Ernesto (AMC), January 21, 2018
KERNS, Bryan (VIL), December 17, 2017
PINTO MARTINEZ, José Enrique (PAN), December 02, 2017
LEONES PEREZ, Juan (PAN), December 02, 2017
ARCIA, Jorge Luis (PAN), December 02, 2017
MELCANGI, Cristian Maria (ITA), November 25, 2017
MASI, Antonio Giuseppe (ITA), November 25, 2017
DURA, Geoffrey Aondofa (NIG), November 13, 2017
CHUKWUEMEKA, Cosmas Ifeanyi (NIG), November 13, 2017
EBEYE, Kennedy Ejime (NIG), November 13, 2017
OKPE, Michael Adole (NIG), November 13, 2017
DARUAN, John Angeodeogu (NIG), November 13, 2017
YARATSADA, Moses Aiden (NIG), November 13, 2017
PAM, Nicodemus Anthony (NIG), November 13, 2017
HEMEN, Emmanuel Aondofa (NIG), November 13, 2017
UJU, Solomon Chimaobi (NIG), November 13, 2017
SIMON, Gideon Falama (NIG), November 13, 2017
MORETTO JUNIOR, José Henrique (BRP), October 21, 2017
OLIVEIRA NASCIMENTO, Cassio Ramon (BRP), October 21, 2017
HOUNSIEDE, Julian Coovi (BEL), August 19, 2017
RENTSCH, Christian (GER), August 19, 2017
BOLIVAR, Arthur A. (ANG), August 05, 2017
DABRE, Gladson F. (ANG), August 05, 2017
PORTER, Nicholas J. (CAL), August 05, 2017
YANG, Philip (CAL), August 05, 2017
MBA'A, Fransiskus (PAP), August 01, 2017
D'UA, Aloysius (PAP), August 01, 2017
TAWA, Antonio Vially (PAP), August 01, 2017
KELMANUTU, Daniel (PAP), August 01, 2017
ESPENOLA ROSELADA, Louie (ORI), March 18, 2017
HARI ESCOBENAS, Edwin (ORI), March 18, 2017
KORIPELLI, Gabriel (PHI), January 30, 2017
ARAKKAL, Robin (PHI), January 30, 2017
MUKKATH, Sinoj Paul (PHI), January 30, 2017
HONG, Seung-Min Johan B. (KOR), January 14, 2017
BENITES MONTERO, José Falu (CHU), January 11, 2017
POTENCIO, Aldo (VIL), December 17, 2016
FLORES LAVIN, Gonzalo Ignacio (CHL), December 16, 2016
TUGUDU, Immanuel (NIG), November 13, 2016
NWAOSU, Chimaobi (NIG), November 13, 2016
BAIYEGUNHI, Raymond (NIG), November 13, 2016
IGHALO, Emmanuel (NIG), November 13, 2016
AGHOGHOPHIA, Valentine (NIG), November 13, 2016
JIWOK, Joseph (NIG), November 13, 2016
MADRAMANY VILLARRUBIA, Javier (HIS), November 05, 2016
RUSSO SILVA, João Miguel (HIS), November 05, 2016
QUIROS TENCIO, José Alexander (PAN), November 05, 2016
PINZON ARENAS, Fabian Andres (VEN), September 04, 2016
CHAVEZ MONTOYA, Juan Eligio (MEX), August 28, 2016
MURIAS AYALA, Cristobal (MEX), August 28, 2016
CEBALLOS POBLETE, Jesus Jonhatan (MEX), August 28, 2016
PALMAS MORALES, Jesus Emmanuel (MEX), August 28, 2016
ISLEY, Stephen (CHI), August 28, 2016
RUIZ, Joe (CHI), August 28, 2016
LIBERIUS, Fransiskus (PAP), August 01, 2016
PANTUR, Damasus (PAP), August 01, 2016
GARUNG, Robertus R (PAP), August 01, 2016
PEREZ PRADO, Pablo (PAN), July 16, 2016
CRUZ CARRANZA, Gustavo (PAN), July 16, 2016
MACHADO, Robinson Alexandre (BRP), July 16, 2016
SILVA LIMA, Bruno Henrique (BRP), July 16, 2016
CABAHUG, Reo Gomez (CAE), June 11, 2016
CANTONES, Peter Sombrio Jr. (CAE), June 11, 2016
FUNTANARES, Christian Enaje (CAE), June 11, 2016
MAGIN, Rodel Dela Cruz (CAE), June 11, 2016
MIRANDA, John Ion Calatrava (CAE), June 11, 2016
TAGALOG, Cyril Jeth Noval (CAE), June 11, 2016
VISDA, Melitito Pocholo Conson (CAE), June 11, 2016
NGUYEN, Dang Ngoc Hai Paul (AUS), May 22, 2016
BELCINA, Francis Cabarrubias (AUS), May 22, 2016
RESOLADO, Saldie Lie Vallecer (AUS), May 22, 2016
SEVARE, Percival Perez (AUS), May 22, 2016
ABELLO, Norman (ORI), March 04, 2016
BAAMLONG, Nathanael (NIG), March 04, 2016
LUAMBANO, Afrates (PHI), March 04, 2016
MWINUKA, Godvolker (PHI), March 04, 2016
MATSUO, John Futoshi (JAP), February 20, 2016
PEREZ ARIAS, Henry Mauricio (COL), December 12, 2015
SANTOS ZAVALETA, Elevy (COL), December 12, 2015
NANDOU MAGBALA, Clement (CON), December 05, 2015
YAMMA, Simon J. (NIG), November 13, 2015
ADAMU, Francis S. (NIG), November 13, 2015
VOVIYERE, Emmanuel J. (NIG), November 13, 2015
OMWANHIAOKPA, Iziegba M. (NIG), November 13, 2015
KWASHANG, Daniel N. (NIG), November 13, 2015
ANGBALAGA, Peter V. (NIG), November 13, 2015
RESENDEZ ARIAS, Juan Manuel (MEC), November 11, 2015
DOMINGO DAVID, Marlon (ORI), September 10, 2015
PLAZOS REMOLADO, Rhuel (ORI), September 10, 2015
UKLEJA, Marcin (POL), September 04, 2015
DAVAKAN, Martin (BEL), August 29, 2015
RIEGO CASTILLEJOS, Ricardo (MEX), August 28, 2015
DORANTES DIAZ, Sergio Carlos (MEX), August 28, 2015
MERCADO, Richie (CHI), August 27, 2015
RODRIGUEZ, Bienvenido (VIL), August 23, 2015
MURRAY, Joseph A (VIL), August 23, 2015
KOVALAK, Andrej (ITA), July 05, 2015
JOHNS, Barnaby (CAL), June 07, 2015
MEDINA, Carlos (CAL), June 07, 2015
ESCOBAR, Edmar (CAE), May 11, 2015
LABANA, Genesis (CAE), May 11, 2015
LINGO, Robert Lee (CAE), May 11, 2015
SALCEDA, Arvin (CAE), May 11, 2015
TAMPOS, Mark Anthony (CAE), May 11, 2015
TUBID, Julius (CAE), May 11, 2015
QUEVEDO HERNANDEZ, Salvador (MEC), April 24, 2015
LOGOTETO, Vito M (ITA), March 24, 2015
IORIO, Christian (ITA), March 01, 2015
GUERRERO NAVARRO, Luis Alberto (PAN), February 21, 2015
TRAN, Kim Phu (Vincent) (AUS), February 01, 2015
KIM, Dong Woo (Augustine) (AUS), February 01, 2015
ALBAN MANCERO, Raul A (QUI), January 17, 2015
MARCILLO IZQUIERDO, Jose G (QUI), January 17, 2015
CACCIOTTI, Giuseppe (ITA), December 08, 2014
IMAJI, Peter John (NIG), November 13, 2014
ONUOHA, Julius Anayo (NIG), November 13, 2014
OYUDO, Ikenna Jude (NIG), November 13, 2014
SHEKARI, Jonah Matthew (NIG), November 13, 2014
UBIAKALA, Paulinus (NIG), November 13, 2014
HOLZHEIMER, Marcel (GER), October 11, 2014
SERON MATARONG, Jay R (ORI), September 27, 2014
ARAUZ, Glen de Jesus (AMC), September 27, 2014
VERA GUSI, Gilbert de (ORI), September 27, 2014
INJARAPU, Wilson Viswanath (ORI), September 27, 2014
MARTINHO ALBERTO, Tiago (HIS), September 13, 2014
OTAKA HIGA, Jose Javier (ARG), September 08, 2014
FRANCO GONZALEZ, Dagoberto (MEX), August 28, 2014
PAZ MENDIETA, Hector (PAN), June 14, 2014
ABELLANA, Imman Noel Arnado (CAE), June 12, 2014
ASOR, Aimark Palma (CAE), June 12, 2014
DURAN, Oswald Fajardo (CAE), June 12, 2014
NOMBREFIA, Antonio Oblea (CAE), June 12, 2014
VALMORES, Jasper Villanueva (CAE), June 12, 2014
SARDIDO CERBOLLES, Dante (ORI), June 04, 2014
BENDOY MORABE, Dante (ORI), June 04, 2014
SUPREMIDO MELGAR, Genaro (ORI), June 04, 2014
ARESSERIL, Emmanuel (IND), May 31, 2014
SIMON, Bernard (IND), May 31, 2014
JOOSADASAN, Anil Kumar (IND), May 31, 2014
YOUNG, Richard A (CHI), May 16, 2014
RODRIGUEZ VASQUEZ, Diomer (PER), February 15, 2014
MONTES DE OCA NUNEZ, Rodolfo (MEX), February 13, 2014
CINTRA, Paolo Henrique (BRM), January 12, 2014
MARKUS, Galadima Bitrus (NIG), January 06, 2014
MBUVI, Peter Kyalo (KEN), January 06, 2014
NYAOMA, Edwin Orina (KEN), January 06, 2014

First Profession

FLORES, Ray (CHI), August 04, 2018
THOMAS, Spencer (CHI), August 04, 2018
ISAAC, Emmanuel (CAL), August 04, 2018
CRUZ QUEZADA, Edwin de la (ANT), July 21, 2018
FLEUR, Kenndy (ANT), July 21, 2018
BAÑARES, Dennis Marpuri (ORI), June 25, 2018
BAUTISTA, Dannie Villanueva (ORI), June 25, 2018
BITOON, Jordan Balbalosa (ORI), June 25, 2018
TACHAPALLY, Robin (IND), June 23, 2018
PATTACHERIL, Tisu (IND), June 23, 2018
BAOC, Fevin T (CAE), June 23, 2018
DOGON, Ronelle S (CAE), June 23, 2018
GILBUENA, Mark Jairus Denise G (CAE), June 23, 2018
LOMBOY, Ian Mart H (CAE), June 23, 2018
POMOY, John Felix O (CAE), June 23, 2018
RESERVA, Eugenio O (CAE), June 23, 2018
SOLIMAN, Albert Benedict B (CAE), June 23, 2018
MACAS BETANCOURT, Victor Wladimir (QUI), January 27, 2018
SUQUILANDA CUMBE, José Alfonso (QUI), January 27, 2018
BRANDĀO SILVA, Fábio (BRP), January 18, 2018
BARBOSA DE FRANÇA, Jānio (BRP), January 18, 2018
ALVES DE LIMA, Jean (BRP), January 18, 2018
PINHEIRO AGUIAR FILHO, Ronã (BRP), January 18, 2018
RODRIGUES DE MATOS, Pedro Felix (BRP), January 18, 2018
DOS SANTOS BARBOSA, Felipe (BRM), January 18, 2018
DE CARVALHO, Thales Ryan (BRM), January 18, 2018
GOMEZ ROMANO, Gabriel Omar (ARG), January 18, 2018
LAGOS LAGOS, Carlos Roberto (CHL), January 18, 2018
LA JARA GONZALES, Luis André (PER), January 18, 2018
ROMERO TOSCANO, José Luis (PER), January 18, 2018
CHUGDÉN, Walter Enriques (CHU), January 18, 2018
SEGALES BAUTISTA, Klovis Reynaldo (BOL), January 18, 2018
VILLALOBOS GONZÁLEZ, Tomás (IQU), September 25, 2017
CAMACHO BULLA, Maycol Stiven (MAT), September 01, 2017
NGUYEN, Van Anh (BEL), August 28, 2017
HEIRS, Jeremy R. (VIL), August 05, 2017
GABRIEL, William C. (VIL), August 05, 2017
RENTERIA, Arturo R. (CAL), August 05, 2017
MORALES, Mauricio E. (CAL), August 05, 2017
NAMSA, Natalis Michael G. (PAP), August 01, 2017
DASRI, Sebastianus (PAP), August 01, 2017
LESING, Sersianus (PAP), August 01, 2017
MORENO PINZON, Ricardo Joel (VEN), July 20, 2017
MATHEUS GONZALEZ, Oswaldo José (VEN), July 20, 2017
SOLANO GUZMAN, Isaac Esteban (PAN), July 15, 2017
RODRIGUEZ MARTINEZ, David Alexis (PAN), July 15, 2017
SOLIS PEREZ, Silvio (PAN), July 15, 2017
MARTINEZ HERNANDEZ, Santiago (PAN), July 15, 2017
HENRIQUEZ OSORIO, Eduardo Alberto (PAN), July 15, 2017
PEREZ SANCHEZ, Ariel Alonzo (PAN), July 15, 2017
HILARIO ABREU, José Alberto (ANT), July 15, 2017
CABRERA TAPIA, Emilio Antonio (ANT), July 15, 2017
SEVILLA, Yelsin Oswaldo (AMC), July 13, 2017
RUTOH, Kipngeno Isaac (KEN), July 08, 2017
WANJUGU, John Kinyua (KEN), July 08, 2017
KING'ELE, Michael Ngei (KEN), July 08, 2017
NGONYANI, Festo Seraphion (PHI), July 08, 2017
AIYITAMPARAMBIL, Joy Praveen (IND), June 29, 2017
VELUTHEDATH, Ebin Joseph (IND), June 29, 2017
GARCIA, Ronnel Ian Miranda (CAE), June 28, 2017
PLACIDO, Jan Mark Arbia (CAE), June 28, 2017
MORALES III, Anacleto Magallano (CAE), June 28, 2017
PANIMDIM, Ariel Alfon (CAE), June 28, 2017
ATIENZA, James Carlo Mesina (CAE), June 28, 2017
NGUYEN, Hoang Huy (AUS), June 28, 2017
VERGARA SABILE, Alistaire (ORI), June 26, 2017
CALAMBA CALAMINOS, Glen (ORI), June 26, 2017
SANTO DOMINGO CRUZATA, Mar-Lou Conrad (ORI), June 26, 2017
FABRERO FETIZANAN, Nico Jame (ORI), June 26, 2017
BERCASIO EUSEBIO, John Erwin (ORI), June 26, 2017
BALMACEDA RASCO, Francis Andrew (ORI), June 26, 2017
SAPLALA MANANSALA, John Eiron (ORI), June 26, 2017
ANDREW, Moses Shaldang (NIG), June 10, 2017
RAPHAEL, Barnabas Bonva (NIG), June 10, 2017
UMEAKUJI, Charles Chianugo (NIG), June 10, 2017
ARBOLEDA TAMAYO, Jhon César (COL), January 27, 2017
BERDUGO MARIN, Julio César (COL), January 27, 2017
ALMEIDA SAMPAYA, Harwer (CHU), January 14, 2017
BARRERO TICONA, Jorge Armando (BOL), January 14, 2017
CORBALAN VERA, Diego Francisco (ARG), January 14, 2017
DE ALBUQUERQUE MACHADO, Gutemberg (BRP), January 14, 2017
DE FREITAS COSTA, Everton (BRP), January 14, 2017
DE SANTANA MENDES DOS SANTOS, Abdon (BRP), January 14, 2017
DIAS OLAZABAL, Fernando Andre (PER), January 14, 2017
DIONISIO NAVES, Eberson (BRM), January 14, 2017
DO NASCIMENTO SILVA, Rivandro (BRM), January 14, 2017
CALLE HOLQUIN, Percy Gamaniel (CHU), January 14, 2017
GUERRERO HERRERA, Yelder (CHU), January 14, 2017
MARQUEZ VALDIVIA, Andre Fernando (CHU), January 14, 2017
OBLITAS GUERRERO, Luis Fernando (PER), January 14, 2017
OLAVARRIA BELMAR, Felipe Andres (CHL), January 14, 2017
VIEIRA FERREIRA, Rafael (BRM), January 14, 2017
VIEIRA OLIVEIRA, Alefe Lucas (BRM), January 14, 2017
WARTHON HERMOZA, Sandro Braulio (PER), January 14, 2017
ORTIZ GUZMAN, Jesus (MEX), August 28, 2016
PIÑA IRAZABA, Alexsander (MEX), August 28, 2016
BURZA, Dawid (POL), August 28, 2016
ZEC, Lucas (VIE), August 28, 2016
LOPEZ CINTORA, Christian Andres (MEC), August 28, 2016
CONTRERAS BERNAL, Cesar Adrian (MEC), August 28, 2016
CASTRO ZAVALA, Crhistopher Brayham Arturo (MEC), August 28, 2016
GARCIA CISNEROS, Miguel Angel (MEC), August 28, 2016
KUWAHARA, Atsushi (VIL), August 11, 2016
KANDUMAS, Feliks (PAP), August 01, 2016
WELERUBUN, Simon (PAP), August 01, 2016
LOBYA, Stefanus (PAP), August 01, 2016
SEDIK, Carlos FXB (PAP), August 01, 2016
LUSI, Yoseph AM (PAP), August 01, 2016
ARWALEMBUN, Yakobus (PAP), August 01, 2016
ALAM, Safras (CAL), July 31, 2016
GHANI, Adnan (CAL), July 31, 2016
SMITH, Dominic (CAL), July 31, 2016
CARROLL, Robert (CHI), July 31, 2016
ROCCASALVA, Joseph (CHI), July 31, 2016
BROUDOU, Fr. Joseph (CHI), July 31, 2016
JOUTRAS, Samuel (CHI), July 31, 2016
RATHS, Jeffrey (CHI), July 31, 2016
MADDEN, Daniel (VIL), July 31, 2016
CONTRERAS, Elizandro (VIL), July 31, 2016
DIBY DJANGO, Jean-Paul (BEL), July 25, 2016
TOGOULABA DIBE, Didier (BEL), July 25, 2016
NGUYEN, Van Huong (BEL), July 25, 2016
NGUYEN, Xuan Thiem (BEL), July 25, 2016
SILVA CALZADILLA, Yoandri (CUB), July 23, 2016
ORTEGA, Benancio Abel (PAN), July 16, 2016
ABREGO TORRERO, Sebastian A. (PAN), July 16, 2016
AMPUDIA ESQUIVEL, Andres E. (PAN), July 16, 2016
ALVARADO VILLALTA, Ivan F. (AMC), July 16, 2016
ESPINOSA ESPINOSA, Gerardo A. (AMC), July 16, 2016
VALDES MARTINEZ, Jose D. (PAN), July 16, 2016
KALINGA, Aidan Anton (TAN), July 01, 2016
KIOKO MUTIE, Titus (KEN), July 01, 2016
KUYELA, Titus Rafael (TAN), July 01, 2016
MAKASINI, Prosper Simon (TAN), July 01, 2016
MARTIN, James Nkanda (TAN), July 01, 2016
MASABO, Onesmo Joseph (TAN), July 01, 2016
MBENDA, Rogastian Karisti (TAN), July 01, 2016
MUTULA OSOGO, Eliakimu (KEN), July 01, 2016
MTITU, Geofrey J. (TAN), July 01, 2016
NGONYANI, Onesmos L. (TAN), July 01, 2016
NGONYANI, Lambert Asterius (TAN), July 01, 2016
ALIBONG, James (CAE), June 18, 2016
RICAMORA, John Louis (CAE), June 18, 2016
EBOL, Elmer (CAE), June 18, 2016
RIBON CARRILLO, Diego Nicolas (COL), January 23, 2016
NINO RINCON, Jose Humberto (COL), January 23, 2016
JAIMES GUERRERO, Carlos Saul (COL), January 23, 2016
GIRALDO ROLDAN, Alejandro (COL), January 23, 2016
BERNAL BELLO, Cristhian Eduardo (COL), January 23, 2016
OLIVEIRA, Gilberto de (BRP), January 16, 2016
ALMEIDA, Wesley de (BRP), January 16, 2016
MENDES SOUZA, Johny Walidam (BRP), January 16, 2016
VASQUEZ GONZA, Eulogio (CHU), January 16, 2016
RAMIREZ BARDI, Mario Raul (PER), January 16, 2016
SILVA, Gleisom Henrique da (BRM), January 16, 2016
SANTOS JULIAO, Fabiano (BRP), January 16, 2016
VALDIVIA MARQUINA, Mario Enrique (PER), January 16, 2016
ALVARADO VELASQUEZ, Luis Arnaldo (CHU), January 16, 2016
GOMES COSTA, Maksuel (BRM), January 16, 2016
MAMANI SUYO, Eloy (BOL), January 16, 2016
OLIVEIRA SILVA, Rodolfo de (BRM), January 16, 2016
CARVALHO SOUZA, Davidson Bertuce de (BRM), January 16, 2016
RIVERA GUZMAN, Jesus (APU), January 16, 2016
ABIAMBANGU AMABULE, Gido Joseph ( BEL), August 02, 2015
KUMBOYO PAYTE, Christopher (CON), August 02, 2015
IYUNDABA UMEMBOLI, Augustin (CON), August 02, 2015
KLIBA KOAMI MAWUSSE, Laurent ( BEL), August 02, 2015
BATIMANGA BAUMUKE, Anthony Joseph (BEL), August 02, 2015
SENGI OGA, Celestin (CON), August 02, 2015
CARUANA, Brandon Lee (MEL), September 07, 2015
ARIPPA, Giuseppe (ITA), August 30, 2015
FILIPPI, Mattia (ITA), August 30, 2015
JELIC, Richard (ITA), August 30, 2015
CHU, Phong Dinh (BEL), August 29, 2015
PAREDES DE LA CRUZ, Irving Erubey (MEC), August 15, 2015
TORRES AGUILERA, Noe (MEC), August 15, 2015
SERRANO CANADA, Felipe de Jesus (MEC), August 15, 2015
LOPEZ CISNEROS, Marcos Antonio (MEC), August 15, 2015
PARRA CINTORA, Jesus (MEC), August 15, 2015
VAZQUEZ QUIROZ, Alberto (MEC), August 15, 2015
RODRIGUEZ STRUBBE, Carlos Miguel (CHI), August 01, 2015
TIERNEY, Jack (CHI), August 01, 2015
AGUILAR, Javier (VIL), August 01, 2015
WHITE, James (VIL), August 01, 2015
UGONWAFOR, Charles C. (NIG), July 29, 2015
ACHI, Martin Y. (NIG), July 29, 2015
MAMKAA, Benjamin I. (NIG), July 29, 2015
SIKAHANGA, Wilson J (TAN), July 01, 2015
MAYENJA, Daniel M (TAN), July 01, 2015
NYAGA, Atanasio (KEN), July 01, 2015
WAMBUA, Francis M (KEN), July 01, 2015
ARIG, Alvin (ORI), June 12, 2015
ESMILLA, Johnny (ORI), June 12, 2015
ALVAREZ, Amiel (ORI), June 12, 2015
ARLEGUI, William Peter (ORI), June 12, 2015
PORTAL, Jose Marie (ORI), June 12, 2015
ALMEREZ, Jules (CAE), May 15, 2015
ANILDES, Roner (CAE), May 15, 2015
DE CLARO, Olwencie (CAE), May 15, 2015
ERMAC, Keith (CAE), May 15, 2015
JUGARAP, Jebie (CAE), May 15, 2015
LAGROSA, Rey (CAE), May 15, 2015
TINIO, Carlo (CAE), May 15, 2015
UY, Jeffrey (CAE), May 15, 2015
ERAIMANTHURA, Puraidam Sijin Anthony (IND), May 04, 2015
PALLIPPATTU, Jestin Joseph (IND), May 04, 2015
THUNDIPARAMBIL, Vincent Linu Louis (IND), May 04, 2015
LE, Tuan Anh (Peter) (AUS), February 01, 2015
PHAM, Quang Tuyen (Peter) (AUS), February 01, 2015
ZHANG, Huyao (John) (AUS), February 01, 2015
ZAPATA NASIMBA, Patricio (QUI), January 24, 2015
GUERRERO CARRERA, Jose (QUI), January 24, 2015
DOMINGUES DE LIMA, Anderson (BRM), December 04, 2014
PEZZELLA, Luciano (ITA), August 31, 2014
KPOMADJE, Hyacinthe (BEL), August 31, 2014
HOUNSIEDE, Julien Coovi (BEL), August 28, 2014
MENDOZA ZAMORA, Jose Alejandro (MEX), August 28, 2014
ORIHUELA POPOCA, Emmanuel Israel (MEX), August 28, 2014
MENDOZA ABONCE, Jose Juan (MEX), August 28, 2014
OLAN ALMEIDA, Luis Baltazar (MEX), August 28, 2014
BARRERA AVALOS, Pedro (MEX), August 28, 2014
GARDUNO GONZALEZ, Raul (MEX), August 28, 2014
TAPIA ISLAS, Hector Manuel (MEX), August 28, 2014
DABROWSKI, Jacek (POL), August 28, 2014
HEMEN, Emmanuel A (NIG), August 26, 2014
YARATSADA, Moses Aiden (NIG), August 26, 2014
OKPE, Michael Adole (NIG), August 26, 2014
UJU, Solomon (NIG), August 26, 2014
DARUAN, John A (NIG), August 26, 2014
SIMON, Gideon F (NIG), August 26, 2014
EBEYE, Kennedy (NIG), August 26, 2014
DURA, Geoffrey (NIG), August 26, 2014
LUSUAMU, Yvon (CON), August 17, 2014
NYETUAMAZE, Raymond (CON), August 17, 2014
KESEKESE, Richard (CON), August 17, 2014
MIBIBA, Ignace (CON), August 17, 2014
LUFUILU, Cyrille (CON), August 17, 2014
BELANGBA, Benoit (CON), August 17, 2014
MADILAMBA, Athanase (CON), August 17, 2014
SIEGEL, Joseph (CHI), August 10, 2014
MULLARKEY, Nicholas (CHI), August 10, 2014
NARDONE, Colin (VIL), August 09, 2014
BOLIVAR, Arthur (ANG), August 06, 2014
DABRE, Gladson (ANG), August 06, 2014
YANG, Philip (CAL), August 02, 2014
BAIOCCO, Robert (CAL), August 02, 2014
VILLENEUVE, Maxime (CAL), August 02, 2014
NGUGO, Geoffrey (TAN), July 01, 2014
KOMBA, Jerasko (TAN), July 01, 2014
Mtuy, Richard (TAN), July 01, 2014
IMUJARO, Geofrey Barasa (KEN), July 01, 2014
PETER, Daniel Male (KEN), July 01, 2014
BUNGEI, Emmanuel Kipchumba (KEN), July 01, 2014
MLELWA, John (TAN), July 01, 2014
CAMARENA RODRIGUEZ, Edwin (PAN), June 05, 2014
GALVEZ MARTINEZ, Anel (PAN), June 05, 2014
MORENO GOVEA, Jorge (PAN), June 05, 2014
ARCA, Randy Afuang (CAE), May 13, 2014
BAJAMONDE, Christopher Rey Rebise (CAE), May 13, 2014
CAÑETE, Mark Louie Jumapao (CAE), May 13, 2014
FORTUNA, Eduardo Jr. Boyonas (CAE), May 13, 2014
PARK, Hyo-Jin Francisco (KOR), February 08, 2014
JANG, Jong-Hyup Paolo (KOR), February 08, 2014
JANG, Dae-Geon Andrea (KOR), February 08, 2014
VÁSQUEZ PASMIÑO, Roy Andrés (IQU), January 25, 2014
CENEPO SAQUIRAY, Brian Junior (IQU), January 25, 2014
FARFAN REANO, Riverson (APU), January 25, 2014
FERREIRA, Thulio Luis (BRM), January 12, 2014
FERREIRA, Tailer Douglas (BRM), January 12, 2014
SANTOS DE CARVALHO, Leandro (BRM), January 12, 2014
ALVES GOMES, Alisson Paulo (BRM), January 12, 2014

We pray for:

GONZALEZ CUELLAS, Tomas (PHI), August 05, 2018
UNABIA, Benjamin C. (CAE), August 01, 2018
PANIAGUA CRESPO, Jesus (CAS), July 26, 2018
BEEK, Jozef van der (HOL), June 27, 2018
BURKE, Alfred M (CHI), June 20, 2018
RYAN, William A (CAL), June 19, 2018
FERNANDEZ BIENZOBAS, Fremin (MAT), May 26, 2018
VEGA MARTINEZ, Gaspar (PHI), May 19, 2018
ALBOR CALDERON, Leonardo (MEC), May 15, 2018
AGUAYO AGUAYO, Gonzalo (QUI), May 10, 2018
BESEOS, Ruben (ITA), April 28, 2018
MENCHI, Eugenio (ITA), April 27, 2018
RICHTER, Clemens (VIE), March 28, 2018
CARAMAZANA AZCONA, Juan Antonio (HIS), March 09, 2018
NEGRAL PANIAGUA, Herminio (CAS), February 24, 2018
ARIAS VELASCO, Davino (PHI), February 23, 2018
POSTMA, Jacob (Jaime) (HOL), February 16, 2018
THOENE, Bernardo (HOL), February 15, 2018
BROEK van der, Jos C.M. (HOL), February 13, 2018
HAGEN, John J. (VIL), December 18, 2017
CUNY, W. Timothy (CHI), December 15, 2017
SALA, Stefano (ITA), December 12, 2017
DUDA, Ladislaus (Wolfgang) (GER), December 09, 2017
QUANTE, Paul (CAL), December 09, 2017
VEGA BLANCO, Tirso (PHI), December 07, 2017
GARCIA GALENDE, Guillermo (PHI), December 01, 2017
PEREZ DE LOS RIOS, José Antonio (HIS), November 18, 2017
MEAGHER, John (HIB), November 14, 2017
GARCIA GOMEZ, José Fernando (HIS), October 15, 2017
CERULO, Mennato (ITA), October 14, 2017
HERRERO CANO, Mariano (CAS), October 07, 2017
D'HOOGE, Herman (BEL), October 05, 2017
BLANCO GONZALEZ, Ildefonso (CAS), September 18, 2017
SOTO ZAVALA, Manuel (MEC), August 31, 2017
GONZALEZ RODRIGUEZ, Julian (CAS), August 16, 2017
VILLAREAL PALER, Joseph (ORI), August 15, 2017
GONZALEZ AYALA, José Ezequiel (MEC), August 12, 2017
GELDER, Lambert (Bart) van (HOL), August 05, 2017
RIVAS GONZALEZ, Antonio F. José (HIS), August 01, 2017
LOIZAGA ULLIBARRI, Angel Ruiz de (PHI), July 24, 2017
DÜNNINGER, Andreas (Karl) (GER), July 22, 2017
MARSH, Ninian (CAN), July 09, 2017
GALLOGLY, Francis X (VIL), July 07, 2017
O’CONNOR, Joseph X (VIL), June 19, 2017
BLANCO SANCHEZ, Juan Carlos (MEX), June 13, 2017
RODRIGUEZ OREJAS, José (CAS), June 10, 2017
MATEOS GARCIA, Miguel (PHI), May 31, 2017
ALVAREZ GONZALEZ, Abel (PHI), May 22, 2017
EZCURRA PEREZ DE FONTECHA, Santiago (PHI), May 19, 2017
CALLE VILLEGAS, Julian (COL), May 06, 2017
RODRIGUEZ OLMO, Felix (CAS), May 06, 2017
BUDIL, Jan (ABR), April 19, 2017
PANIAGUA RAMOS, Santos (PHI), April 17, 2017
HULSHOFF, Hans (HOL), April 10, 2017
SANTAMARTA TORRE, Luciano (HIS), March 26, 2017
MARBAN SANTAMARTA, José Luis (HIS), March 25, 2017
GOMEZ GUADARRAMA, Jose Guadalupe (MEX), February 24, 2017
FORTUNE, Finbarr Gerald (HIB), February 23, 2017
HARTIGAN, Daniel J. (CHI), February 17, 2017
YBARRA CARRILLO, David (MEX), February 15, 2017
PEREZ, William A. (CHI), February 11, 2017
GARCIA GUTIERREZ, Eliseo (CAS), January 26, 2017
MARTINEZ FERNANDEZ, Alipio (CAS), January 18, 2017
LO VERME, Giuseppe (ITA), January 18, 2017
LOPEZ MENDOZA, Enrigue (MEX), January 14, 2017
KRETZER, Armin (Hermann) (GER), January 01, 2017
VILLACORTA ALONSO, Moises (HIS), December 30, 2016
DIEZ GABELA, Jose Luis (CAS), December 19, 2016
HOOFD, Charles (HOL), December 14, 2016
ENGELHARDT, Godehard (GER), December 13, 2016
BEVILACQUA, Jerome (CAL), December 11, 2016
BARJA FERNANDEZ, Candido (PHI), December 05, 2016
JIMENEZ MEDINA, Nicolas (MEC), November 22, 2016
DEL CONTE, Eugene (VIL), November 20, 2016
MERINO MARCOS, Laurentino (HIS), November 10, 2016
ALCALDE DE ARRIBA, Feliciano (MAT), November 03, 2016
FERNANDEZ LUENGOS, Jose Maria (HIS), October 19, 2016
PAUL, Edelbert (GER), October 17, 2016
BALESTRI, Guido (ITA), October 13, 2016
ORTIZ, Maximo J. (VIL), October 12, 2016
FARIAS CONCHA, Clemente (CHL), September 30, 2016
ESCUDERO PARRA, Ismael (PHI), September 13, 2016
SMETSERS, Jan P. (HOL), September 07, 2016
IRAOLA MICHELENA, Javier (CAS), August 26, 2016
UGIDOS DIEZ, Juan Luis (MAT), August 19, 2016
RIVERA PATIÑO, Jose Luis (MEC), August 15, 2016
LOPEZ ORTIZ, Juan Jose Narciso Alfonso (MEC), August 12, 2016
ROZESTRATEN, Leo P. P. (HOL), July 29, 2016
MARTINEZ GUANI, Juventino Fernando (MEX), July 26, 2016
GIULIANI, Luigi (ITA), July 23, 2016
CALVO MARTIN, Isidoro (HIS), June 23, 2016
DENNY, John T. (VIL), June 20, 2016
MARTINEZ MARTINEZ, Jose Estanislao (MEC), June 03, 2016
GUZMAN RAMIREZ, Alfonso Tarsicio (MEC), June 03, 2016
TOLEDO ESPITIA, Reginaldo (MEX), April 17, 2016
CUERPO ESTEBAN, Isaac (HIS), April 15, 2016
GARCIA MANDILLO, Emilio José (HIS), April 09, 2016
AQUILINA, Paul (MEL), April 02, 2016
KAUFMANN, Leonhard (Werner) (GER), April 01, 2016
SANTAMARTA YUGUEROS, Modesto (CAS), March 26, 2016
FERNANDEZ GARCIA, Maximino (CAS), March 22, 2016
MELCHIORRI, Mario (ITA), March 20, 2016
MAASSEN, Hans W.M. (HOL), March 15, 2016
MARTINEZ PEREZ, Alipio (PHI), March 10, 2016
LAWLESS, George P. (VIL), March 09, 2016
QUIRKE, Brendan (HIB), February 27, 2016
MC NABB, Bishop John (CHI), February 26, 2016
DOWLING, Sean (HIB), February 18, 2016
PASTRO APARICIO, Angel (PHI), February 11, 2016
LINDEN, Johan van der (BEL), January 30, 2016
NOORDS, Bernardus Johannes (HOL), January 26, 2016
FERNANDEZ SOLIS, Lucio (PER), January 22, 2016
MODINO DE LUCAS, Miguel (MAT), January 20, 2016
MACIA FERNANDEZ, Baldomero (PHI), January 18, 2016
BOCANEGRA RELLOSO, Pablo (CAS), January 16, 2016
RADEMAKER, Clement Th. (HOL), January 08, 2016
VAN CALSTER, Fr. Filip (Eewaarde) (BEL), January 04, 2016

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