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"Anima una et cor unum in Deum!" (Regula)

Thought of Saint Augustine
Do not despair, you who are blind. Come close to him, and you will be healed. You who are blind, come close to him and you will be illuminated.
To have a good idea of God is the truest beginning of piety.
(De libero arbitrio I, 2,5)
I thirst in this journey, I thirst as run ahead but will be sated only when I come to the end.
(En. in ps. 41, 5)
Institutum Historicum


Alphabetum Augustinianum

To all the friars:

The Augustinian Historical Institute [IHA] is a cultural organism of the Order of Saint Augustine, created by the General Council of the Order, to develop and coordinate activities of historical investigation, with one of its objecitves being to transmit and communicate our rich Augustinian historical heritage.

For this reason the IHA wishes to invite and involve all the friars of the Order in this task, placing before you the possibility of collaborating in an initiative which follows the model of Wikipedia, which we have called Alphabetum Augustinianum, with clear reference to the work of the illustrious Augustinian chronicler Fr. Tomás Herrera (1585-1654).

  • What is the ‘Alphabetum Augustinianum’? It is a section of the present web page of the Order, within which there will be four sub-sections: Provinces, Houses-Friaries, People (Biographies) and Hagiography.
  • Who can take part? Collaboration is open to all who wish to take part, by sending short articles for any of the sub-sections, under signature and with the date of the contribution.
  • How are entries, descriptions or items to be compiled? In popular form, no longer than 2 pages in length. Acceptable languages are: Spanish, English, Italian and French. Other languages can be used when accompanied by a summary of 8/10 lines in one of these four languages. On the web page of the Order augustinians.net, on the main page in the section History, a link can be found entitled Alphabetum Augustinianum and within it the sub-sections: Home, Provinces, Houses, Biographies, Hagiography, and inside some models which can serve as a reference.
  • To whom are the entries to be sent? To the secretary of the Historical Institute (Fr. Luis Marín) at the address of IHA historicum@osacuria.org, from which they will be sent to a three-member committee (Frs. Orcasitas, Bellini and Sciberras) for review, thus guaranteeing their accuracy and precision. If they are found suitable, they will be entered onto Alphabetum Augustinianum.

I thank you in advance for your interest and participation in making the Alphabetum Augustinianum an instrument which will serve to make our Order more widely and better known, an opportunity which will be a step forward and which, with the efforts of many, will get underway. We hope to be able to count on your collaboration.

I wish to close this message and invitation with the words that have already been placed on the Home Page of the Alphabetum Augustinianum:

“In harmony with the Augustinian tradition which says that a person grows by learning and is diminished by forgetting, we wish that the Alphabetum Augustinianum may be a place of encounter and service, where grateful memory is refreshed, takes on flesh, is actualized, and is transformed into knowledge. May we all be open to learning by teaching and to teaching as we learn. (Saint Augustine, In ps. 118, 17, 3)”.

Valencia de Don Juan, June 26, 2013

Fr. Jesús Álvarez Fernández, OSA
of the Augustinian Historical Institute




  • Possibility of sending material and adding brief entries related to circumscriptions, houses, people, etc. of the Order of Saint Augustine.
  • Maximum length of 2 pages.
  • Send to: Alphabetum Augustinianum
  • Entries will appear on the web page of the Order, creating an Alphabetum Augustinianum as a type of historical encyclopedia.


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