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      Date: Jan 10, 2012
     Title: Preparation for Nuns' Assembly
{if ($mydetail == '1')}{else}{/if} Guadarrama - Spain
December, 2011


October 1 - 5, 2012

In the days preceding Christmas, the Prior General met in the "Residence Fray Luis de León" in Gudarrama, Spain, with a group of friars and nuns of the Order, for the purpose of preparing an Assembly of the monasteries of contemplative nuns of the Order from October 1 to 5, 2012, to be held in Guadarrama. Taking part were Frs. Luciano De Michieli, Alejandro Moral Antón and Teófilo Viñas, Assistants of the Federations; and the Presidents of the Federations, accompanied by another sister, Sisters Inés Dias de Bastos e Silva, Laura Durán Domínguez, M. Rita Piccione, M. Lucia Solera, Natividad Salvador Bernat, Cecilia Torres Borras, and Fr. Miguel A. Martín Juárez, Secretary General.

This type of Assembly, to which the Superior and a member of each of the monasteries of the Order will be invited, is the first to be held, and for that reason, there is the need for such an initial contact among the monasteries and an identification of the principal themes of interest in the renewal and revitalization of Augustinian contemplative life for women. A number of friars of the Order who are experts in the area will be invited, and there will be a presentation of each of the monasteries. A first draft of the program for the Assembly has been prepared, and various practical questions concerning the Assembly's organization were discussed. In upcoming weeks a communication will be sent to the various monasteries regarding the topic.

Fr. Miguel A. Martín Juárez
Secretary General