Categories: From the Order
      Date: Oct 18, 2017
     Title: General Council - Plenary Session September 2017

The General Council of the Order, presided by the Prior General, Fr. Alejandro Moral Antón, OSA met in Rome from September 18-28, 2017.

Among the topics discussed are the following:

Chapters: The Acts of the Chapter and the post-capitular nominations were approved for the following:  England/Scotland, Mexico, Colombia, Ireland, Castilla, Brazil, and the Vicariate of Vienna.  The beginning date and place was approved for the following Ordinary Chapters:  Province of Holland (October 30, Helvoirt, Besinningscentrum); Province of Cebu (19 February, 2018 in the Santo Nino Spirituality Center, Consolacion, Cebu); Province of Spain (24 March, 2018 in the Monastery of Santa Maria de la Vid, Burgos); Province of Malta (First part 4 April 2018 and the second part 23 April, 2018 in the convent of Saint Mark the Evangelist, Rabat); Province of Villanova (10 June, 2018, in the Connelly Center, Villanova University); Province of Australia (2 July in Saint Augustine College, Brookvale); Province of Matritense (9 July, 2018 in Colegio San Agustin, Salamanca); Province of the Philippines (16 of July in Real Colegio Seminario de Valladolid); Vicariate of the Antillas (10 October 2017 in the Seminario de Bayamon, Puerto Rico; afterwards approval was given to transfer the place to the Dominican Republic because of the damage in Puerto Rico caused by the Hurricanes); Intermediate Chapter of the Province of Chile (2 October, 2017, in the Convento de Nuestra Señora de Gracia, Santiago).

Suspended Governance: Approval was given to suspend the ordinary governance of the Province of England/Scotland.  The official name will remain, and the Province will be under the governance of the Province of Ireland.

Various Petitions: Diverse requests and petitions were considered and approved for dismissal, exclaustration, dispensation, along with particular cases and situations.

Nominations: Angelo Lemme: Director of the Pre-Novitiate in Brno; Nestor Bandalan as Treasurer of the Community in the Papal Sacristy; Donald Reilly as a member of the International Economic Commission.

Houses: The General Council was informed of the suppression of the following houses:   Community house in Dar es Salaam (Delegation of Tanzania), Parish house of Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe, Valencia (Vicariate of Venezuela); parish house of Nuestra Madre del Buen Consejo, León and the residence of San Juan de Sahagún, Madrid (Province of Castilla).  The Erection of a new house in Virak, Philippines (Vicariate of the Orient) and of a house in Costa Rica (Vicariate of Panama).

Augustinian Nuns: Various themes were discussed regarding the Augustinian Nuns in diverse Monasteries in the Order.

Decisions of the Intermediate Chapter of 2016: The Council discussed the progress of many of the decisions from the Intermediate General Chapter which was held in Abuja, Nigeria in September 2016.

Meeting of the newly elected major superiors: The General Council met with the newly elected superiors to learn more about the current ministry in these circumscriptions. Those present were:  Andrés Rivera (Province of Cebu), Wilson Posligua (Province of Quito) Vicente Valenzuela (Vicariate of Apurimac) and Matthias Schlögl (Vicariate of Vienna).

Economic Themes: Diverse themes were presented by the Economo general:  budgets for various maintenance projects, new contracts, scholarships for students at Collegio Santa Monica, other economic themes.

Communications: dialogue with P. Michele Falcone about the area of Communication in the Order and the way of presenting ourselves through the various means of Social Communication.  This theme will be treated more profoundly in November.


*Luis Marin:  Provincial Chapter of Castilla; themes of the Italian Province and the Province of Malta, information regarding the Spanish Federation; the next course in Augustinian Spirituality organized by the Institute of Augustinian Spirituality will be in English; conclusion of the program of renewal for the Monastery of Lecceto, information about activities in Ecuador (ongoing formation) and Peru (retreat; themes of the Archives.

*Joseph Farrell:  The communities that fall under the General Curia’s care; the visit in Nigeria; the Education Congress in Villanova, USA, together with P. Franz Klein; projects and work of the Commission for Initial Formation; Canonical visitation (part 1) of the Villanova Province; themes related to the Monastery of Augustinian Nuns in Nova Scotia, (Canada) and L’Aquila, (Italy).

*Franz Klein:  Chapters in Ireland and the Vicariate of Vienna; Intermediate Chapter of the German Province; Meeting of the Organization of Augustinians in Europe (OAE), together with P. Luis Marin, in Prague; suppression of the community of St. Patrick (Rome); diverse invitations from Dr. Hans-Albert Courtial.

*Patricio Villalba:  Ordinary Provincial Chapters of Mexico and Colombia; Canonical visit to the delegation in Central America; visit to the Vicariate of Bolivia; discussion of the agreement between the Province of Chile and the Vicariate of Bolivia; Meeting of the Major Superiors con the novices in the Novitiate in Lima; Congress of the Augustinian Fraternities of Latin America, in Colombia, together with P. Luis Marin; calendar of the process of unification of the Vicariates of Peru and information regarding the statutes.

*Edward Daleng:  Themes of the Province of Nigeria and of other circumscriptions in Africa; meeting in San Gimignano organized by the Commission for Evangelization, together with P. Anthony Banks; Camino de Santiago with a group of young people; meeting in Panama in order to prepare for World Youth Day and the Augustinian Youth Encounter in January of 2019.

*Anthony Banks:  Themes regarding the circumscriptions in Korea, Japan, West Papua and of the Asia Pacific Regions; reunions of OSAAP and APAC; meeting with Fr. Robert Dueweke, representative to of our NGO at the UN; meeting of the Vocations Commission in Chicago, together with P. Edward Daleng, meeting of the Secretariat for Justice and Peace in New York; update on the document on Poverty, requested by the Intermediate General Chapter.

*Alejandro Moral: Information on the letter sent to the Order commemorating the 500th anniversary of the Lutheran Reform; information on the Congress: “Luther and the Reform:  Saint Augustine and the Augustinian Order”, which will take place in Rome, November 9-11, 2017.

The next meeting of the council will be November 5-18, 2017 in Rome.