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      Date: Nov 19, 2011
     Title: Plenary Session – November 2011
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Plenary Session


The General Council of the Order met in plenary session during the week of November 8, 2011, and treated the following items:

  1. The Council welcomed Fr. Miguel Angel Keller who has assumed responsibility as Assistant General in the post left vacant by Fr. Enrique Catalan at the latter's election as Prior Provincial of Chile. Miguel Angel will have responsibility for the region of Latin America and will be a member of the International Commissions for Initial Formation and Vocation Promotion. Fr. Michael Di Gregorio will be president of these two commissions. Miguel Angel will continue, as well, as a member of the Spirituality Commission.
  2. It was brought to the attention of the General Council that a communication was received from the Congregation of Causes of Saints stipulating that postulators must submit their resignation to the Congregation on reaching the age of 80. The postulator of our Order, Fr. Fernando Rojo, will turn 80 on January 15, 2012. Initial discussion ensued regarding possible candidates to assume the position of postulator of the Order.
  3. Discussion took place concerning the Order's presence in Algeria, which now consists of three friars, and the nomination to various responsibilities. Approved were the following: Fr. Ambrose Tshibangu, prior; Fr. José Manuel Vizcarra, treasurer and sacristan, Fr. Raphael Abdilla, rector of the basilica.
  4. The date of August 28th was fixed for the opening of the Ordinary General Chapter, 2013.
  5. Approval was given for the dispensation of three friars from solemn vows, one from simple vows, the dismissal from the Order of another, and the presentation to the Congregation for Clergy of a request for a dispensation from priestly obligations.
  6. The Council approved the offer of an exchange of parishes in Cuba. The Cardinal Archbishop of Havana has offered the Order the parish of El Cristo del Buen Viaje, which was in the care of the Villanova Province before the revolution, in exchange for another in which the Order has ministered since its return to Cuba for the past three years.
  7. Discussion took place concerning the building project of a monastery and church underway in Slovakia, and the status of the Curia's offer of economic support previously approved.


  8. Discussion took place on the progress of plans for the proposed Assembly of Augustinian Contemplative Nuns, approved by the Intermediate General Chapter, which is to be held in October 2012, in Guadarrama, Spain.
  9. The Council approved the request for the renovation of two floors of the Paul VI Residence (part of a wing of Collegio Santa Monica).
  10. The end of the year report, 2010-2011, and the budget, 2011-2012, of the Order, presented by the Econome General, were approved.


The reports of the Prior General and Assistants General are summarized as follows:

Fr. Robert Prevost informed the Council of his preparation of a letter to the Order concerning ministry to youth and young friars of the Order, to be issued on November 13, 2011 on the occasion of the Feast of All Saints of the Order. He requested observations on the text from members of the Council. He also reported on several meetings held in recent weeks concerning Bolivia, Indonesia and Holland, and the progress of renovations underway in the Patristic Institute.

Fr. Luciano DeMichieli reported on the work of two Commissions for which he is responsible. A recent meeting of the Commission for the Institute of Spirituality reviewed the Spirituality Week held this summer in San Gimignano and set the date and theme for next year's Week: "The Path of Augustinian Contemplation" - July 22-28, 2012. The Commission drew up a draft of statutes for the Institute of Spirituality and chose Fr. Robert Guessetto as secretary of the Institute. It also made recommendations for the Commission's use of the web page of the Order. The next meeting of this commission will be November 28-29 in Bogotá, Colombia. Plans continue for the Lay Congress to be held next July in Rome.

Fr. Alejandro Moral, reported on a meeting he had with a representative of the Community of Sant'Egidio to discuss the Order's work in areas of peace and justice, and another he attended with FAO. He announced the dates of the next meeting of the Secretariat for Justice and Peace as May 16-17, 2012 in Rome.

Fr. Michael Di Gregorio presented the results of the evaluations received from the Congress of Formators held in Cascia in July, together with recommendations for the future, including the update of the Order's Ratio Institutionis. He also presented the responses submitted by Fr. Emeka Obiezu, the Order's representative at the United Nations, to questions regarding his work which had been asked at a previous meeting of the General Council.

Fr. Miguel Angel Keller spoke of his participation in the upcoming meeting of the Federation in Brazil to discuss the plans of the Federation in view of the General Chapter of 2013.

Fr. Franz Klein reported on the Order's web page, inviting Council members to assist in forwarding information that can be used there. He spoke briefly of the Delegation of Kenya's assembly held in October, and of an upcoming meeting in Slovakia of the circumscriptions of eastern Europe.

Fr. Rommel Par, reported on the progress of plans for the next Augustinian Encounter 2013, of the Education Congress to be held in Peru and of meetings of OSAAP and APAC which have been rescheduled for March, 2012.


Congress of Laity 11-17 July, 2012 Rome
nternational Vocation Congress 2- 6 July, 2012 Rome
Augustinian Spirituality Week 22-28 July, 2012 San Gimignano
International Meeting of Educators 30 July - 3 August, 2012 Lima

The next Plenary Meeting of the General Council is scheduled for February 19-March 3, 2012.

Michael Di Gregorio, OSA, November 15, 2011

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