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      Date: Feb 12, 2015
     Title: XVIII General Assembly of OALA
{if ($mydetail == '1')}{else}{/if} Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
From February 2 to 6, 2015, in Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic, the superiors of the circumscriptions of Latin America, along with their respective delegates...

From February 2 to 6, 2015, in Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic, the superiors of the circumscriptions of Latin America, along with their respective delegates, participated in the 18th General Assembly of the Augustinians of Latin America. During those days, there was the election of the new Secretary General of OALA, Fr. Edinson Farfan Cordova, of the Vicariate of San Juan de Sahagun of Chulucanas, Peru. All wished him well as the new secretary. Also present at the General Assembly were Fr. Joseph Farrell, the Vicar General of the Order and Fr. Patricio Villalba, the Assistant General of the Order for Latin America.

The Assembly began with words of welcome from the Vicar of the Antilles, Fr. Reinaldo Rivera, and then the Vicar General of the Order offered to the group a reflective discourse and encouraged the all the superiors of Latin America to continue giving witness to the spirituality of communion. In addition, he reminded them of the objectives that Pope Francis sent in his apostolic letter for the year of consecrated life: to remember the past with gratitude, to live in the present with passion, to look toward the future with hope.

During those days, the coordinating committee of the out-going Secretary General, Fr. Victor Lozano, offered an evaluation of all of the projects and activities that were programmed during the last four years, 2011-2015. Each one of the areas offered an evaluation beginning with the area of Justice and Peace, then that of education, urban and missionary pastoral ministry, youth ministry and vocations. Afterward, there was a presentation by the area of technical commissions for history and for communications, and then a conference with an evaluation of the regions: north, central and south. Following this, there was a presentation of the draft of some projects for the next four years, 2015-2019.

During the days of the meeting, the Assembly made various trips: one to the Apostolic Nuncio for the Dominican Republic, another to the Cardinal of the Dominican Republic, who shared with the group a reflection on the year of consecrated life.

On the second day, Fr. Joseph Farrell read to the Assembly the letter of the Prior General, Fr. Alejandro Moral Antón, which emphasized various important points for the group’s reflection: formation, vocations, community life, a center of Augustinian theological studies, and the Order’s presence in Cuba.

There was also a review of the statutes of OALA, with the addition and updating of various numbers. At the end, the Assembly approved the carrying out of 44 projects, distributed in the different areas with the goal of moving forward with an Augustinian spirit of integration in Latin America the mission of giving witness and promoting the spirituality of communion. All of this emphasizes a triple mission: the mission of evaluation, the mission of encouragement, and the mission of coordination.

The Assembly wishes to thank the Augustinian friars of the Vicariate of the Antilles for their fraternal welcome and their many gestures of communion. Thank you to the Vicariate of the Antilles!