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      Date: Feb  1, 2015
     Title: Ordination of the Augustinian Bishop Donatus Ogun in Uromi
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Our brother Most Rev. Donatus Ogun was ordained today, January 31, 2015, as the new bishop of Uromi...

Our brother Most Rev. Donatus Ogun was ordained today, January 31, 2015, as the new bishop of Uromi. At this occasion he took possession of the Diocese.

Two Cardinals, about 27 bishops from the various parts of the country concelebrated as well as many friars of the Province of St. Augustine, Nigeria, priests of the diocese and from other dioceses. Civil and traditional authorities, religious and seminarians were also in attendance. The joyful and lively celebration attracted a very large crowd of people and lasted well beyond 4 hours.

The Prior General of the Order Alejandro Moral Anton congratulated the new bishop and conveyed the good will message of all Augustinians to bishop Donatus. The Prior General reminded Donatus to model his life as bishop on the example of Jesus Christ, the Chief Shepherd who came to serve and to lay down his life for his sheep. Bishop Donatus could count on St. Augustine as "a bishop companion, a spiritual father, and a reliable teacher" to turn to for inspiration in his new ministry. The heterogeneous nature of the Nigerian society calls for unity and understanding among all people. Hence, the task before bishop Donatus is to foster union and communion among the faithful of various tribes, culture and languages in order to evangelise as a strongly united family, a lively community and a welcoming local Church. Service in the spirit of love through availability, listening, understanding, patience and sacrifice will endear the bishop to the faithful.

Bishop Donatus expressed his heartfelt gratitude to the Order represented by the Prior General and to the brothers of the Province of Nigeria.

Our late brother, bishop James Daman, OSA buried two days ago was also remembered during this ceremony.