Categories: From the General Council
      Date: Dec  6, 2014
     Title: Plenary Session - November 2014
{if ($mydetail == '1')}{else}{/if} Rome - November 2014
Plenary Session

Review and Approval of Acts of Recent Chapters

The acts of the Ordinary and Intermediate Chapters of the following circumscriptions were reviewed and approved or confirmed: Argentina, Panama, Chulucanas, Congo. Changes in the statutes of OSAAP were confirmed. Approval of the post-capitular nomination for the Province of Quito, Ecuador and confirmed by the Provincial Council of Colombia.


Various approvals were granted for requests for ordination, dispensations, post-capitular nominations, renunciations and nominations to international commissions, and nominations for the Board of Directors and Management Committee of the new Foundation for the Order.


The Prior General and Assistants General reviewed and evaluated the first year of working together. The Prior General reminded the council members that the most important ministry is to work with our brothers and sisters in community life and in ministry. The ministry of Governance of the order is important but should not be our primary and only ministry during our years of service in leadership. Each assistant presented a summary of the work of the international commissions. Also as part of the review, each of the 24 Chapters of 2014 was reviewed by those who presided at the chapters.

Franz Klein discussed with the council the work of the Secretariat for Social Communication, OSA INT, and the function of the internet and web-site of the Order. The next meeting of the secretariat will be in January 2015.

Anthony Banks discussed the tasks of the Finance Commission with emphasis on the work of advancement and the development of a financial plan and foundation for the Order. Maurizio Misitano, the director of international projects and fundraising has begun his work in establishing a foundation/association for the purpose of collecting funds to assist the work and ministry of the Order.

Patricio Villalba updated the council on the work of the Commission for Laity and presented some of the challenges facing the commission regarding election or appointment of lay member representatives of the regions, the financing of the costs for those members to attend meetings and international gatherings, and the various categories of lay participation in the Order. Patricio also informed the council on the work of the Commission for Peace and Justice including our work and presence at the United Nations.

Luis Marin presented the work from the recent meeting of the Institute of Augustinian Spirituality with emphasis on the year of Consecrated Life and the also the upcoming Course on Augustinian Spirituality which will begin offered in English beginning February 2015.

Edward Daleng updated the council on the work of the Commission for Youth and the International gathering, which will take place from July 19-25, 2016 in the Czech Republic. The International World Youth Day will take place 25-31 July 2016 in Krakovia, Poland. The Commission for Evangelization and Pastoral Ministry is preparing for an international gathering in July 2017.

Joseph Farrell discussed the current work on the Ratio Institutionis by the commission on Initial Formation. This document is being prepared for the Intermediate General Chapter. He also updated the council on the plans regarding the regional workshop for formators, which will take place within the OALA region in November 2015. The commission on Education will meet in Dublin, Ireland from November 23-24, 2014.

Postulator General

Joseph Sciberras presented the general council with a summary of the work of the postulator general regarding the causes for saints and blessed in the Order. He also presented a summary of the accounts regarding the General Sacristan and the fulfillment of Mass obligations.


The Economo General presented the Council with a budget for 2014-2015, which was approved. Budgets were approved for Collegio Santa Monica, Augustinianum, Postulator General, General Curia, Cuba, Annaba, Tanzania, Kenya, General Archives, and International Novitiate in Nairobi, Kenya. A presentation was also made regarding the need to organize the various bank accounts in the name of the Order.

Year dedicated to Consecrated Life

The Year of Consecrated Life, 30 November 2014- 2 February 2016, will be an opportunity for the Order and for the individual circumscriptions to celebrate our vocations as religious called to Consecrated Life. A plan, including encounters, celebrations, material, documents, etc… has been developed by the Institute of Augustinian Spirituality along with the international commissions and will soon be publicized to the membership of the Order. Members are encouraged participate in the events that are planned on the Universal Church, the Order, Diocesan, Circumscriptional and individual levels.

Houses of the Order under the Jurisdiction of the General

All of the communities under the direct jurisdiction of the General were discussed with regard to the membership of each community.


The Prior General and Assistants will work with the major superiors to plan for the canonical visitation of each circumscription. These visitations will conclude by the end the calendar year 2018.


The postulator general and the prior general updated the council on developments in the Province of Brazil. The prior general and assistant general for Northern Europe updated the council on developments in the community in Brno, Czech Republic. The prior general updated the council on various topics regarding the Patristic Institute. Anthony Banks updated the council on the current situation and future plans of the Order’s presence in China. Luis Marin updated the council on the discussions regarding the process of Union of the Provinces in Spain. The council discussed the community and work at convento Sant Agostino in San Gimignano with regard to past, current and potential future projects and ministry. Projects requesting financial assistance from the Order were discussed and will be presented to the office for international projects and fundraising so that a process will be established to respond to the various needs and requests sent to the General Council.