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      Date: Jul  7, 2014
     Title: Augustinian Spirituality Course 2015
{if ($mydetail == '1')}{else}{/if} Rome - Italy
January 26 - April 10, 2015 in English


Spirituality Course 2015 in English




PLACE AND DATE: Rome – Augustinian Institute January 26 to April 10, 2015

PARTICIPANTS: Religious men and women of the Augustinian family – English speaking

ACCOMODATION: Collegio Santa Monica (Rome) for Augustinian friars [the course is also open to Augustinian sisters who will live in local houses of their congregation]

REGISTRATION: by 1 December 2014

To register or for more information:

Robert Guessetto (



*Life and Works of St. Augustine

*Augustine: Christ and the Church

History of the Order, Development, Circumscriptions
*Augustine: Politics and the Common Good (
The City of God)

Augustinian Hagiography
* Augustine and Scripture

Mendicant Spirituality
* Augustine: Prayer and Liturgy
* Augustine: Art and Culture

Documents Constitutions, Ratio, Juridical Structure of the Order
* Augustine: Catechesis and Pedagogy
* Augustine: Monasticism and Religious Life

* Augustine: Existential Questions

Contemporary World and Society

Spiritual Retreat – 1 week (Cascia)
Augustinian Pilgrimage – 1 week
(San Gimignano – Pavia – Milan – Tolentino)


€ 5,000.00 for friars (course, room and board, guided tours, Retreat weak)
€ 2,300.00 for religious women (course, guided tours, Retreat week)
Master's Degree - additional week with supplementary cost of € 900.00

Supplement (One week more: 13-17 April 2015)

Master's Degree in Augustinian Studies and Spirituality
Institutum Patristicum Augustinianum
Joseph Ratzinger Vatican Foundation

* Augustine: Mystery of God and the Search for God (De Trinitate)
* Augustine and Theological Traditions
* The Confessions of St. Augustine
* 12 Master's Modules

For further information:

Fr. Robert Guessetto, OSA (
Fr. Mauricio Saavedra, OSA ( -
Via Paolo VI, 25 - 00193 Roma - Tel: +39.06.680069