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      Date: Apr  2, 2014
     Title: The Works of St. Augustine in Spanish on
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April 2014
On March 28, 2014, the project of putting online the complete works of St. Augustine in Spanish was completed...

On March 28, 2014, the project of putting online the complete works of St. Augustine in Spanish was completed. They can be found at The final title to be included on the site was “Questions on the Heptateuc”.

All the works of St. Augustine in Latin, Italian, and Spanish can be consulted at the webpage. There are also links on the page to translations in other languages, such as English, French and Dutch. The website also offers resources on St. Augustine, as well as Augustinian spirituality and iconography.

The different editions of the works of St. Augustine that can be consulted on the website are from different soureces:

The Latin text is from the Maurinos (PL), having been compared with the Corpus Scriptorum Ecclesiasticorum Latinorum (CSEL) and the Corpus Christianorum (CC).

The Italian edition corresponds to the version published by the Nuova Biblioteca Agostiniana (NBA) of the publishers Città Nuova.

The Spanish edition is the one published by the Biblioteca de Autores Cristianos (BAC), under the patronage of the Augustinian Spanish Federation (FAE). The complete printed edition is comprised of 41 volumes. The last one to be done, also included on the website, contains various works attributed to St. Augustine. New translations of the works of St. Augustine will be incorporated on the website as they become available.

On this internet page, it is possible to consult the text of Augustine, as well as the Biblical citations included therein. However, for introductions to the various books, as well as for the related commentary in footnotes, it will be necessary to go to the published printed versions.

The webpage was begun in August of the year 2000, through the initiative of Fr. Franco Monteverde, an Augustinian of the Italian Province who lives in Tolentino, Italy. He has been assited with the technical expertise of Ing. D. Lorenzo Boccanera. The Spanish version was begun in 2005, under the coordination of Fr. Carlos José Sánchez. In November of 2011, Fr. Miguel Angel Orcasitas assumed responsibility for the Spanish version, following the directive of the Spanish Federation (FAE). From that time, the formatting and preparation of the texts for their inclusion on the internet has been done thanks to the collaboration of the following religious:

Juan Carlos de la Hera, MAT, Antonio Velasco, CAS, José Luis Belver, MAT, José María Wázquez Bracho, HIS, Pedro Pérez, MAT, José Luis Sánchez Ortíz, MAT, Reinaldo Rivera, CAS, Ángel Jorge, MAT, Rafael Mediavilla, OAR, Antonio Eraso, OAR, Modesto García Grimaldos, MAT, Manuel Sánchez Tapia, MAT, Pablo Luna, HIS, Benito Mediavilla, MAT, José Majadas, MAT, Eliseo Bardón, HIS, Carlos Arribas, MAT, Celso García, MAT, Juan Garde, OAR

Fr. Pío de Luis (Philippine Province) has offered a significant number of texts for their subsequent formatting, as well as the translation of the work De Dialectica, which is not published in the BAC collection. Numerous commentaries on the Psalms, written by St. Augustine, are new in translation, done by Fr. Miguel Fuertes Lanero (HIS), having been received through the intervention of Fr. José Anoz, OAR. This new version will soon be published in Spanish. Other additions to the webpage include a new version of the Confessions, the work of Fr. José Rodríguez Díez (MAT), that was recently published by the BAC.

The conversion of Word documents to the HTML format needed for the internet was done by the technical engineer, Lorenzo Boccanera, and during the past few months, by Fr. Juan Carlos de la Hera.

It is important to underline how important the collaboration and willing cooperation of numerous religious has been a key factor in reaching the completion of this project, so that the works of St. Augustine will be accessible to so many people, all over the world. This is a helpful example of how much can be accomplished when we work together.

This webpage was presented to Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI, a great admirer of St. Augustine. This site receives on the average about 1500 daily visits, and it also has an excellent search motor.

It would be outstanding if additional translations to various languages of the writings of St. Augustine could also be added to this website, especially versions in the more widely spoken languages of the world.