Categories: From the General Council
      Date: Feb 28, 2014
     Title: Plenary Session - February 2014
{if ($mydetail == '1')}{else}{/if} Rome - February 2014
Plenary Session

Preparation for Meeting of Major Superiors of the Order in June

Assistant Generals will prepare for the meeting in June (16-20) by meeting with their respective Commissions to discuss and develop a plan for the Order for the next six years. These plans will be presented, discussed and developed further at the Meeting with the Order’s Major Superiors. J. Flynn, J. Farrell and E. Daleng will coordinate the details in preparation for the meetings in June.

Meeting of Newly Elected Major Superiors

The meeting of the Newly Elected Major Superiors will be June 23-24, 2014 in Rome. These days are after the plenary meeting of Major Superiors. The newly elected superiors are invited to remain in Rome for these two additional days of meetings and discussions.

International Commissions

Commission Membership has been finalized and dates have been set for each of the International Commissions to meet in Rome in February, March and April, 2014. Each commission will prepare a presentation for the meeting of Major Superiors by reviewing the Directory of the General Curia and also the determinations of the Ordinary General Chapter 2013 which apply to each commission. They will also look for creative ways of working together on joint projects.

L. Marin reported on the results of the first meeting of the Governance committee of the Augustinian Spirituality Commission. Commission member’s names were presented to the General and Council for approval. The course in Augustinian Spirituality (in Spanish) began on February 3 and is progressing nicely. The Course will be offered in English in 2015. Plans have begun to contact the instructors for 2015. Various ideas were discussed with regard to possible future publications and web site development.

Houses of the Order under the Jurisdiction of the General

All of the communities under the jurisdiction of the Generalate were discussed with regard to the membership of each community. In most cases, there is a need to seek additional members and/or changes within these communities. Also discussed was the presence of Augustinian students and professors at the Patristic Institute.

Information from Econome General

The Econome General shared information regarding contracts with news agencies who rent the terrace (rooftops) of S. Monica and the Curia. Contract negotiations are still in progress in some circumstances. The donations from the various circumscriptions, regions, communities and individuals responding to the natural disasters in the Philippines continue to be distributed to the province of Cebu and the Augustinian nuns in Leyte. The Augustinian nuns of Divine Love have also benefited from these generous donations. The heating system will be replaced at Residenza Paolo VI and necessary repairs and painting will also occur in the months of February and March. Negotiations are developing in securing someone to work with the Curia on a full time basis to develop fundraising strategies.

Updates on recent visitations and chapters

Reports were presented regarding events and recent visits of the General and Assistants to: Mexico, Kenya, Bolivia, Congo, Dominican Republic, Chile, Malta, Brazil, Vatican City, Korea, China, Indonesia, Australia and Ecuador.

Next meeting: May 15 -20, 2014 in Rome