Categories: From the General Council
      Date: Nov  9, 2013
     Title: Plenary Session - October 2013
{if ($mydetail == '1')}{else}{/if} Rome - October 2013
Plenary Session

Calendar set for General Council Meetings

The six year calendar of General Council Meetings was set. Four meetings will take place each year in the months of February, May, September and November.

The Council members had a productive discussion regarding the results of the discussions, decisions and proposals from the General Chapter 2013. Each counselor was able to explain which points he found to be most important for the next six years. The members of each Circumscription are encouraged to discuss the decisions and results of the General Chapter.

Points of discussion involved expanding the work of the Youth Commission, and the need for a Commission for Evangelization and Pastoral Ministry. The Council will continue to follow the process already established for the unification of the three vicariates in Peru. Our presence and ministry in Cuba was also discussed as something important for future conversations. Another important discussion was with regard to the establishment of a Foundation and the nomination of who should be part of the group to work towards seeking funds for this Foundation. Robert Prevost has agreed to investigate on how we could possibly proceed.


P. Mattias Hecht, OSA the General Treasurer met with the Council for a full day to explain the economic situation of the Order and to offer details regarding the General budget and the budgets of those areas which come under the governance of the General and his council.


The members of the general council discussed all of the commissions, secretariats and institutes and divided the responsibilities among members of the General Council. Those who will lead the future commissions are:

Economic Commission: Anthony Banks, Franz Klein
Initial Formation: Joseph Farrell, John Flynn
Vocation Promotion: Anthony Banks, Edward Daleng
Patristic Institute and Augustinian Studies: Alejandro Moral, John Flynn
Education: Joseph Farrell, Franz Klein
Youth: Edward Daleng, Patricio Villalba
Laity: Patricio Villalba, Luis Marin
Justice and Peace Secretariat: Patricio Villalba, Anthony Banks
Social Communication Secretariat: Franz Klein , Joseph Farrell
Spirituality Institute: Luis Marin, Joseph Farrell
Evangelization and Pastoral Ministry: Edward Daleng, Anthony Banks
Publications “ad intra”: Franz Klein


The composition of the membership each commission will be determined after the General Council members review the names submitted by the major superiors of the circumscriptions. Follow up will take place at the December council meeting.

Future projects

An “ad intra” economic commission will be established among representatives of Collegio Santa Monica, the Patristic Institute and the General Curia as a consultative commission to the General and Council regarding various economic decisions regarding contracts, rents, personnel, construction, restoration, etc…

Franz Klein will work on coordinating a team of translators to assist in communication.

The Council members will study the decisions and proposals of the General Chapter 2013 and develop a plan to actualize the program for the next six years. This program will be prepared for the meeting (16-20 June, 2014) of the major superiors of the Order.

Franz Klein will continue to coordinate the webpage for the Order. For the webpage to be relevant, it is important for circumscriptions to submit information. The webpage should be seen as a two-way street regarding the sharing of information.

The next meeting of the General Council will take place December 14 – 18, 2013 in Rome.