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      Date: Aug 17, 2011
     Title: Course for preparation of Solemn Vows
{if ($mydetail == '1')}{else}{/if} Cartoceto / San Gimignano
September 2011


Dear Brother,

Next September the course to prepare for Solemn Profession, which the last OAE Conference of Provincials (Organization of Augustinians of Europe) decided to sponsor, will take place. Nine brothers have signed on, from the provinces of England-Scotland, Ireland, Malta, Italy, CebĂș, Poland and Matritense. The course will be held in the monastery of Cartoceto and the monastery of San Gimignano.

The group will arrive in Cartoceto on Monday, 29 August, from various places. The Secretariat is arranging to meet all of them at the airport and travel to Cartoceto. The community of Cartoceto has kindly offered the house for this experience. The group itself will organize the life of the house, the timetable, prayer, time for study, and so on.

From 30 August to 2 September there will be a period of reflection on the contemporary world and the role the Church and religious life after Vatican Council II. The sessions of these days will be guided by Fr. Paul Graham, of the English-Scottish Province. The second week will be dedicated to a reflection on Augustinian Spirituality. Fr. Giuseppe Pagano, of Italy will guide the study during this week. The third week will be dedicated to an understanding of community roles and the present situation of the Order in the world, with the help of Fr. José Luis del Castillo of Spain. On September 17th the group will move to San Gimignano for a retreat. Fr. Wieslaw Dawidowsky, from Poland will accompany the friars during these days. The group will return home on Saturday, September 24.

We are very grateful to the friars who are collaborating in this initiative and to the Italian Province for their availability in making this project possible, and we count on the maternal assistance of Mary to help the participants have a rich experience that will help them prepare to consecrate themselves definitively to God in the Order of Saint Augusine.

Secretariat OAE