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      Date: Dec 10, 2012
     Title: New School Building "Saint Augustine"
{if ($mydetail == '1')}{else}{/if} Prague - Czech Republic
December 2012

On Tuesday, November 20th, the new building of the Saint Augustine Kindergarten, in Prague was blessed and opened by the Cardinal Archbishop, Monsignor Dominik Duka, OP. Construction lasted 4 ½ months and the same day of the blessing a group of 17 three-year old children who joined the 30 that currently attend the school began "their studies".

Prague's Saint Augustine School project began three years ago as a Christian and Augustinian educational alternative with a vocational strategy. The first year the school had a small group of preschoolers. The second year it continued growing with a first year class, and this year we have the first and second year of compulsory primary education. The school will continue to grow each year until in 2023 the first students will graduate from this school that seeks to educate, as its motto says, "with all the senses, and with mind and heart." The total number of children in the school is 77.