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      Date: Aug  1, 2012
     Title: Third Congress for Educators of the Order
{if ($mydetail == '1')}{else}{/if} Lima - Peru
August 2012

On July 30, the Third International Congress for Educators and Schools of the Order opened in the Colegio de San Agustin, under the theme “The Augustinian School: Gateway to the Gospel, Pathway of the Kingdom”. Some 200 people are participating from nearly every country where the Order proclaims the Gospel through the field of education.

The Congress began with the Prior General presiding and with the warm hospitality of the Province of Peru. Frs. Julián Muñoz y John Keller opened the proceedings indicating the path to be taken and the spirit of each of the days. Why is such a pastoral orientation being given to these days? Are there not themes which are more urgent and timely in education than the Gospel? Is this not a return to things already covered, studied, heard and preached? The answer to these questions and others will be given during the days of the Congress. Each day is being dedicated to a saint or blessed of the Order: the first day it was to Our Father Saint Augustine, and Tuesday, the 31st, to Blessed Stephen Bellesini. The theme of education is being explored from a Gospel point of view according the principal emphases which guided each of these holy persons. In this way, together with other elements which form part of the sphere of education, reflection is centered on our being Augustinian educators through a study of values. The following aspects will be treated in each of the days of the proceedings: