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      Date: Jun 11, 2012
     Title: Augustinian Korean Building Project Advances
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June 2012

The Korean friars of the Order happily report the near completion of stage one of their building project, namely a new priory/novitiate and church/columbarium as well as the foundations already prepared for the Retreat House (stage two of the project which will have 14 twin bedrooms). The priory of Our Lady of Good Counsel will have 10 single rooms to house the community which will include novices and also private retreatants. The Church will accomodate up to 120 people and also has a columbarium which will help finance the completion of the retreat house proper.

Apart from the help offered by various circumscriptions who generously assisted in getting the project started, all funds have been raised locally in some 7 Korean churches, selling foodstuffs, seeking major benefactors and the sale of tiles which in the Blessed Sacrament chapel will form a mosaic and bear the names of people seeking the prayers of the community. The Order’s property in Seoul also had to be sold. Cardinal Prospero Grech O.S.A. has kindly agreed to make the trip out on September 8th for the blessing and consecration of the priory and church and he will also ordain the Vicariate’s deacon to the priesthood.

Additional financial assistance to complete stage two of the project (hopefully by the middle of 2013) can be directed to Fr. John L. Sullivan, OSA at