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      Date: Dec 13, 2011
     Title: III Lay Augustinian Congress
{if ($mydetail == '1')}{else}{/if} Rome - Italy
July 11-17, 2012

The Congress of Laity of the Augustinian Family, which is held every six years, is now at its third run. Good progress has been made over the years but there is still much to do, especially in promoting among the various lay groups a common identity, mutual awareness, and a closer network of collaboration. Needed also is improvement in the organizational structure, identifying laity available for the service of coordination on the national and international levels.

During the Congress, components for deepening an awareness of lay spirituality in the Augustinian method will be offered, with a vision towards the world of today and the need to work together in service to the Gospel.

Important also is the desire to further the growth of Augustinian Lay Fraternities (FAS) fully incorporated within the Order, with a clear purpose and a form of service in collaboration with the friars and sisters of the Augustinian Family.

The text, "On the Way with Saint Augustine", and the desire to "Be the Body of Christ for Today's World" will be the guides for this important meeting in the life of the Order.

This year the Coordinators of lay groups from every Circumscription of the Order are invited to participate. They, together with the Superiors of the various Circumscriptions, are presently, or are ready, to create a network of mutual contact and closer collaboration, especially in their own locations and also with other expressions of Lay Augustinians throughout the world.

We hope that each Circumscription will do everything possible to participate in the Congress with its Coordinator. By the link you will find the program and registration form. By the end of February further information will be sent which can also be requested from the e-mail addresses that are indicated.