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Thought of Saint Augustine
So great is the power of the good that even evil doers seek it.
(Sermo 29, 1)
Whoever seeks joy in himself will be sad, but whoever seeks joy in God will always be joyful because God is forever.
(In Io. Ev. XIV, 2)
If you elevate yourself, God distances himself from you. If you humble yourself, he leans towards you.

Plenary Session – September 2011

Rome - September 2011
Plenary Session


The General Council of the Order met in plenary session during the week of September 19, 2011, and treated the following items:

1. The Council approved the Acts of the Provincial Chapter of the Mexican Province which was held in July, 2011.

2. Approval was given for the return of the novitiate house of the Mexican Province to Chalma, while retaining also the former site in Cuernavaca.  This proposal was made and approved by the Ordinary Provincial Chapter.

3. After lengthy deliberations, Fr. Miguel Angel Keller was elected to the General Council to take the place formerly held by Fr. Enrique Catalán, following upon the election of the latter as Prior Provincial of the Chilean Province.

4. Discussion was held concerning the Order's presence in Cuba and the possibility of additional friars to assist in that mission.

5. Information was given on renovations presently taking place in areas of the Patristic Institute Augustinianum, in order to have it conform to current safety regulations of Italian law.

6. Discussion was held concerning possible candidates for the position of Superior Delegate of Kenya, which is under the direct administrative jurisdiction of the General Council.

7. A questionnaire distributed by the Union of Superiors General to the General Councils of religious communities of men was discussed and responses offered.

8. The situation of the Province of Canada was discussed in light of recent communication from the Provincial Superior concerning its present status and options for the future.

9. A review was held on the status of a Directory treating of the various international commissions of the Order and offices of the General Curia, which was requested by the General Chapter of 2007.

10. A report was given on the progress being made on the Course of Augustinian Spirituality, which will be held in English, February - April,  2012.

11. Approval was given for the establishment of a new association of friars of the African continent, to be called UAFA (Union of Augustinian Friars of Africa), comprising the circumscriptions of Nigeria, Congo, Kenya, Tanzania, South Africa and Algeria.  The creation of this Union was requested and approved by the Augustinian friars in Africa during the meeting of AFA in January.

12. Discussion took place on the progress of plans for the proposed Assembly of Augustinian Contemplative Nuns, approved by the Intermediate General Chapter, which is to be held in October 2012.

13. Preliminary conversations took place on several items: the proposed updating of the Ratio Institutionis of the Order following the completion of the distance learning course for Formators; a proposal for the expansion of communications networking on the level of the General Curia; possible means of fostering greater collaboration among the various international commissions of the Order.

14. Approval was granted for the renewal of vows of a student of Collegio Santa Monica, the incardination of several friars to a diocese, the dismissal of one friar, and the readmission of another friar, previously dispensed from vows who requests to return to the Order.


The reports of the Prior General and Assistants General are summarized as follows:

Fr. Robert Prevost reported on his participation over recent months at the Chapters of the Provinces of California, Mexico, Germany and Chile, as well as at an Assembly of the Kenya delegation. He also participated in the meeting of formators in Cascia, World Youth Day and the conference of youth promoters in Spain, and the celebration of Saint Augustine's Day in Pavia.

Fr. Michael Di Gregorio reported on the conclusion of the year-long Course for Formators together with the concluding gathering of the same in Cascia; he participated in the Chapter of the California Province and the Justice and Peace Conference of the Order in the United States. He also attended the Conference of Youth Promoters in Madrid. Fr. Alejandro Moral, as President of the Justice and Peace Secretariat reported on July's Justice and Peace Conference. He also gave an update on the progress of plans for the Interprovincial novitiate for the Provinces of southern Europe and the common professorium for three of the Provinces of Spain. As Assistant for one of the Federations of Augustinian Contemplative Nuns he reported on visits already held and others scheduled for upcoming months.

Fr. Rommel Par, as President of the Commission on Youth, reported on the Order's participation in World Youth Day in Spain and the Congress for Augustinian Youth Promoters which followed at El Escorial. He led a discussion on possible sites for the next Augustinian Encounter to be held in conjunction with World Youth Day 2013 in Brazil. He reported on activities in the Asia-Pacific Region, including an upcoming Spirituality Course and meetings of OSAAP and APAC. Fr. Rommel also attended the Justice and Peace Conference in the U.S.

Fr. Franz Klein reported on a meeting of the Economic Commission of the Order held in Prague and proposals which ensued. He attended the Provincial Chapter of the German Province and held visitation in the Province of Ireland. He also participated in a gathering of friars in Kenya to prepare for the Delegation Assembly there in October. He participated in the Augustinian events surrounding World Youth Day and the Congress for Youth Promoters at El Escorial.

Fr. Luciano DeMichieli reported on the Spirituality Week held at San Gimignano in July, the four month course on Augustinian Spirituality for Spanish speaking Augustinians completed in May and the situation of some of the monasteries of Augustinian Contemplative Nuns of Italy, whom he serves as Assistant. He also informed the Council on next year's Congress for Laity and plans for the Spirituality Course of 2012 in English.



Congress of Laity (11-17 July, 2012 Rome)

International Vocation Congress (2- 6 July, 2012 Rome)

International Meeting of Educators (30 July - 3 August, 2012 Lima)

The next Plenary Meeting of the General Council is scheduled for November 6-19, 2011.

Michael Di Gregorio, OSA
September 28, 2011

Course of Augustinian Spirituality (English)

January 29-April 29, 2012 Rome

For information and registration, contact: Fr. Luciano De Michieli


Course of Augustinian Spirituality (Italian)

February - April, 2013 Rome

For information and registration, contact: Fr. Luciano De Michieli

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