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It is better to wage war with hope of eternal peace than servitude without hope of liberation.
(De Civ. Dei XXI, 15)
There is an origin and source of virtue. There is a root of wisdom. And, there is, so to speak, a region of changeless truth. If the soul leaves this region, it lives in darkness but, when it approaches this region, it is enlightened.
(En. in ps. 58, S 1, 18)
When did the Lord want to show himself? At the breaking of the bread. We can be sure of that: by sharing the bread, we recognize the Lord.

Send Forth in Joy - 85th Assembly USG

Rome, Italy
"Sent Forth in Joy" – The mission of Consecrated Life in the Church of “Pope Francis”...

"Sent Forth in Joy" – The mission of Consecrated Life in the Church of “Pope Francis”

Some 130 Priors General, gathered together in the “Salesianum” of Rome, during the meeting of 27-29 May, studied and spoke about ecclesial themes and about religious life. The sessions began on 27 May with a presentation by Fr. Bruno Secondin, O Carm, entitled : The Acts and the Teachings of Pope Francis which speak the most about Consecrated Life, a theme that was more fully developed and deepened in the intervening periods of reflection in groups, with the following guidelines and points to be emphasized:

  • The gift and responsibility of the present moment in the Church
  • The spiritual experience of the consecrated life
  • The building up of fraternity by means of consecrated life
  • The service of consecrated life in the mission of the Church

On May 28 the morning presentation was led by Brother Bruno Cadoré, OP and was entitled: The Anthropological Vision of Pope Francis which addresses the Mission of Consecrated Life. There was time for dialogue in various language groups, which focused more on peoples’ experiences rather than on the general topic proposed before. In the afternoon, Don Mario Aldegani, CSJ, reflected on the “function of encouraging General Councils and their influence in the lives of the Provinces”. The discussion in the groups took into account the following points:

  • Responses to the diverse events that take place in the circumscriptions in their relationship to the General Council and vice versa
  • What are the current and actual priorities of the actions of a General Council?

The morning of 29 May was dedicated to a presentation of the conclusions from the discussions of the presented themes and a dialogue with the Prefect of the Congregation for the Institutes of Consecrated Life and Societies of Apostolic Life, CIVCSVA, his Eminence, Cardinal Joâo Bráz de Aviz, and with his Secretary, Archbishop José Rodriguez Carballo.

During the meeting, our dear brother, P. Nicolas Adolfo, SJ, announced that he would be stepping down from his leadership and service to the Society of Jesus in October 2016. You can find more information in Vidimus Dominum.

Rome, 3 June 2015

P. Alejandro Moral Antón
Prior General, OSA

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