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"Anima una et cor unum in Deum!" (Regula)

Thought of Saint Augustine
I thank you, Lord, my joy and my glory, my hope and my God. I thank you for your gifts to me. Keep them unharmed for me: they will be the making of me, and I shall be with you for my being is your gift.
(Confessions I, 20)
Your prayer is a conversation with God. When you read, it is God who is speaking, when you pray, it is with God that you are speaking.
I thirst in this journey, I thirst as run ahead but will be sated only when I come to the end.
(En. in ps. 41, 5)

Creation of the Augustinians Across the World Foundation

Rome, Italy
On 20 December, 2014, the Foundation, Augustinians Across the World, officially began...

On 20 December, 2014, the Foundation, Augustinians Across the World, officially began. Its purpose is to assist the Augustinian Missionaries in their activities serving the poor in the world.

Saint Augustine preached, “There are two types of persons to whom you must give. Two types of persons hunger; one for bread, the other for what is right. Between these two hungry persons you find yourself as the doer of the good work; if charity motivates the work, it serves the good of both. For the one desires what he may eat, the other desires what he may imitate. You feed the one, and give yourself as a pattern to the other; so you have given to both of them: the one you have given reason to thank you for killing his hunger, the other you have given reason to imitate you by setting him an example.” (Homilies on the First Letter of John 8, 9)

Following the guidance of the Saint from Hippo, the Augustinian General Curia decided to create this new structure, which will more efficiently assist our brothers and sisters and their service to the most poor in the World.

The Augustinians, thanks to their missionary presence in 54 countries in the world, thanks to their presence in the United Nations, and today, thanks to this new foundation, want to be always more present in the fight against poverty and work for a world more just, responsible, respectful and available to help those who suffer.

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