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"Anima una et cor unum in Deum!" (Regula)

Thought of Saint Augustine
Fly over what is bodily and embrace the being of the soul; transcend the soul and please God.
(In Io. Ev. XX, 11)
You hear «The Body of Christ», and you reply «Amen». Be part of Christ, so that your «Amen» is true.
Your prayer is a conversation with God. When you read, it is God who is speaking, when you pray, it is with God that you are speaking.

Inaugural Assembly of the Institute of Augustinian Spirituality (ISA)

Rome, Italy
October 2014
The inaugural assembly of the Institute of Augustinian Spirituality (ISA) took place in Rome from the 22nd to the 24th of October...

The inaugural assembly of the Institute of Augustinian Spirituality (ISA) took place in Rome from the 22nd to the 24th of October. Ten of the fifteen regional collaborators (Friars) gathered at the Curia with the members of the Governing Board to plan the activities and programs of the institute. The sessions were marked by a wide participation of the brothers who arrived with a number of ideas for the next five years of activities. Under the direction of the Institute’s president, Fr. Luis Marin, the members first discussed plans for the observance of the Year of Consecrated. Proposals were developed for the distinct regions and for the Order. The Order-wide proposals which include a day set aside for prayer and celebration throughout the world, ending with a renewal of religious profession will be passed on to the General Council who requested the collaboration of the Institute.

The assembly then took up the program for the current sexennium. The assembly met in plenary sessions and in regional meetings. Again, planning was done for the five regions of the Order and for the Order as a whole. Regional collaborators will work with local renewal programs, existing regional structures and formation programs to promote activities around Augustinian spirituality. The collaborating friars present were Fr. Maciel  Alves Bueno (Brazil), Fr. Alexander Vieira Maio (Venezuela), Fr. Brian Lowery (Villanova, Italy), Fr. Alvin Paligutan (California), Fr. Anthony Pizzo (Chicago), Fr. Martin Banga (Congo), Fr. Paul Graham (England/Scotland), Fr Pedro Morais Antón (Castilla), Fr. Juraj Pigula (Italy, Slovakia), Fr. Peter Jones (Australia).

The Governing Board met on the 24th to evaluate the assembly and confirm the upcoming program of activities. Among the initiatives discussed were the creation of an interactive website with resources in Augustinian spirituality in multiple languages, an encounter between ISA and Latin American formators in Brazil (2015), ongoing support of the collaborators in the diverse regions of the Order, continuation of the very successful three-month course on Augustinian Spirituality, translation of works by OSA authors in other languages and the development of a Dictionary of Augustinian Spirituality. Members of the Governing Board are Fr. Luis Marin, president; Fr. Joseph Farrell, vice-president; Fr. Robert Guessetto, secretary; Fr. Luis Guzmán Pérez (MEC); Fr. Jude Ossai (NIG) and Fr. Alexander Palliparambil (PHI). Fr. Pasquale Cormio (ITA), recovering in hospital after a serious automobile accident was remembered in prayer.

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