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"Anima una et cor unum in Deum!" (Regula)

Thought of Saint Augustine
We dwell in the Lord when we are his body and he dwells in us when we are his temple.
Let us devoutly celebrate this day, for just as the first ones to share our faith adored Christ lying in the manger, let us adore Him reigning in heaven.
(Sermon 203,3)
Mary was happy because she listened and kept God's word. She kept the truth in her spirit more than in the flesh of her womb.

Peace Prize for Mgr. Daniel Turley OSA

Chulucanas, Peru
Monsignor Daniel Turley Murphy OSA, bishop of Chulucanas

The Ministry for the Rights of Women and for Social Development in Peru (MIMDES) created the "Peace Prize", given each year, to promote efforts in favor of eliminating disequality in society and the building of a culture of peace. This year, two people were chosen to receive the award - one of them an Augustinian bishop. Mons. Daniel Turley, O.S.A., bishop of Chulucanas, was chosen in recognition of his outstanding leadership in "Alto Piura" (the northern part of the Department of Piura, Peru) for his work in defending the environment and in seeking just and respectful solutions to the various conflicts present in the region, thus promoting a true Culture of Peace.

The award will be presented in the Auditorium of Petro Peru in San Isidro, Lima, on September 21st.

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