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Thought of Saint Augustine
In the material world, a foot is one thing, a ladder is another and wings still another. In the interior world, however, feet, ladders, and wings are the affections of a good will, with them, we walk, we climb, and we fly.
(En. in ps. 38, 2)
Come back to your heart, and from there to God. For the path is not long from your heart to God.
Whoever seeks joy in himself will be sad, but whoever seeks joy in God will always be joyful because God is forever.
(In Io. Ev. XIV, 2)

Second congress of the “mâes mônica” (Mother Monica) group

Rolândia, Brasil
August 2014
The 24th of August, 2014 various groups of “mâes mônica” came together in Rolândia, Paranã, Brasil, for their second congress...

The 24th of August, 2014 various groups of “mâes mônica” came together in Rolândia, Paranã, Brasil, for their second congress. The first occurred one year ago. The organizers were Fr. Constantino Borg, osa and the coordinator of the groups, Maria Elvita. This year, the number of mothers participating was 270 coming from the following parishes or communities: the parish of São José di Jaguapitã, the parish of São Tiago; the parish of santa Mônica, the parish of São João Paulo ll, the parish of nsa. Sra. Rainha dos Apóstolos, the communities of Sagrado Coração de Jesus (ceboleiro) and São João batista, the community of santa Rita de Cássia (jardim do lago) and santo Agostinho (jardim nobre), and the parish of São José di Rolândia.

The main theme of the congress this year was “Monica, a real mother with real problems.” The principal presenter was Father Marciel Alves Bueno, osa, pastor of “santa Rita de Cássia”, parque novo mundo, São Paulo.

Some of the participants contributed with their testimonies. They recounted with their prayers how they obtained a radical change in the lives of their children, spouses and grandchildren. It was impressive to hear the experiences of the teachers who always pray for their students and their families. Some of the members of these groups form new groups of “mães mônica” among the personnel of some schools.

In the congress, the new icon/logo of the groups was presented. It is a painting that represents St. Monica, kneeling, assisting at the baptism by St. Ambrose of her son St. Augustine, a few years after a bishop had announced to her, “It is impossible that the son of such tears should be lost.”

The goal of our work with these groups is to plant in the heart of these mothers the consolation that comes from a faith sustained in prayer shared every day with others. Every group is formed by seven mothers or couples who are to pray for each other every day and for the children of all. When it her day, the mother takes her turn to pray in front of the tabernacle. Along with praying, the members of the group strive to understand better the word of God and the lives of St. Monica and St. Augustine. The members of the groups announce also the good news to other mothers. Their motto is: “mothers kneeling, children standing”.

Fr. Constantino Borg osa

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