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"Anima una et cor unum in Deum!" (Regula)

Thought of Saint Augustine
Love either rises or falls. With honest love we rise to God; with dishonest love we fall into the pit.
(En. in ps. 122, 1)
Let us live well, and the times will be good. We are the times. The way we are will the times be.
(Sermo 80,8)
When did the Lord want to show himself? At the breaking of the bread. We can be sure of that: by sharing the bread, we recognize the Lord.

Letter from the Prior General - Thank for Solidarity

Rome, Italy
March 2014
I am very grateful to be able to send to the entire Order my deepest thanks for the solidarity expressed by you toward our brothers and sisters of the Philippines...



Dear Brothers and Sisters of the Order:

I am very grateful to be able to send to the entire Order my deepest thanks for the solidarity expressed by you toward our brothers and sisters of the Philippines, in the midst of all of the human disasters caused by the earthquake and typhoon.

This expression of the communion of goods is a real and concrete external sign of the union of minds and hearts. The sharing of material goods among brothers and sisters helps us to enjoy together the gifts received, and, at the same time, to suffer united in difficult circumstances, as we have experienced on this occasion. Our Father insists on the communion of material goods because, without that, it would be more difficult to live any other type of communion. This is a fundamental point of our way of life as Augustinians, and something that would please me, that we might live always profoundly among communities and circumscriptions.

With the help received, we have been able to attend to the most urgent needs of our Augustinian brothers and sisters in the affected areas. The disasters caused by these two events were very grave, but the generosity of the Order has made it possible to attend to these most urgent needs.

The material aid sent to the Curia has reached beyond € 300.000 (Three Hundred Thousand Euros). In some cases these contributions have come from circumscriptions; in other cases, from a community, or sent personally by individuals. Others have preferred to send contributions directly to our Augustinian sisters and brothers in the Philippines. At the same time, we have shared our help with some international organizations such as Caritas.

I take advantage of this opportunity to remind all of us how important it is for us to share our goods with those who are most in need. Personally, I think that our renewal as religious is only possible in so far as we are able to live with a certain austerity and if we share our material goods, that is to say, if in our lives the option for the poor holds a privileged place in our hearts. Lent is a very special time for this, given that it helps us prepare ourselves for the new life that God, through His Son, has given to humanity, in which the poor hold a special place.

Thanks to all: the circumscriptions, the communities and the individual sisters and brothers. I pray to the Lord that He will help us to live and to share our life with others in such a way that this would truly be an expression of the life of the Trinity.

A fraternal greeting on the part of all of the General Council,

Rome, Curia Generalizia Agostiniana, 20 March 2014

Fr. Alejandro Moral Antón, Prior General, OSA

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