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Thought of Saint Augustine
Man was not created as an irrational animal bent toward the earth but, erect in stature, a reminder to look above.
(De Civ. Dei XXII, 24, 4)
I shall know you, you who know me. Virtue of my soul, go deep into it and make it fit for you, so that you may have it and possess it, without stain or wrinkle.
If you seek the Truth, follow the Path, for the Path is also the Truth. Go that way, you must go that way. It is through Christ that you come to Christ.

Meeting of the Commission for Social Communications

Rome, Italy
February 2014
The initial meeting of the Commission was held on Thursday, February 27, 2014 in the General Curia in Rome...

The initial meeting of the Commission was held on Thursday, February 27, 2014 in the General Curia in Rome. Members of the Commission are Franz Klein (GER, President), Joseph Farrell (VIL, Vice-President), Miguel de la Lastra (HIS, Secretary), Jhonattan Benavides Jurado (COL), Isaías Sánchez Hermández (MEX), Peter Hirano Tetsuya (JAP) and Melchor Mirador (CAE).

After having studied the function of the commission from the Directory of the Curia and also the Constitutions and the Determinations of the General Chapter 2013, the Commission set up an action plan for the next six years. The plan is entitled: “Create a Culture of Communication”.

Important points of the action plan will be an evaluation of the actual situation of communication structures in all of the Circumscriptions. This plan will include a survey of all the friars of the Order. In response to a decision of the General Chapter, the Commission will work for the establishment of a communications bureau. A renovation of the Order’s web page shall be a further important step in the action plan. Finally the Commission will organize a congress for those responsible for communication in the Circumscriptions. This plan shall then be presented to the General Council.

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