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Necessity is the mother of all human actions.
(En. in ps. 83, 8)
Come back to your heart, and from there to God. For the path is not long from your heart to God.
So that we believe in Christ, dwell in his words. By dwelling there, we will truly be his disciples. For he doesn't have only twelve apostles as his disciples. He also has those who dwell in his word.

Plenary Session - May 2013

Rome - May 2013
Plenary Session

The General Council of the Order met in plenary session during the period May 7 - 15, 2013.

Preparations for the 2013 General Chapter continued to occupy much of the discussion and planning of this session of the General Council, including a review of documents to be presented by the Council to the Chapter, a review of the Chapter's membership, the elaboration of the agenda and schedule for each day, and the selection of friars to assist with liturgies, translation, and various secretarial needs of the Chapter.

In addition, the Council deliberated on the following items:

  1. Nominations for the position of Master of Students at Collegio Santa Monica, Rome.

  2. Approval of the request for a part-time assistant in the office of the Postulator General.

  3. Approval of the request for Solemn Profession for Jozef Rzonca of the Province of Bohemia, Stanislaus Wamache and Boniface Owiyo of the Delegation of Kenya. Stanislaus Wamache and Boniface Owiyo were also approved for ordination to the diaconate.

  4. Fr. Dominic Sadrawetz was re-appointed as superior of the Vicariate of Vienna.

  5. The request for exclaustration was approved for Frs. Scott Ness and Luis Madera of the Province of Villanova and of Ricardo Guzman of the Province of Michoacan.

  6. A review of renovations yet to be made on the Patristic Institute was had, and funds were approved for this work.

  7. Ballots submitted by friars of houses directly under the General Council for delegates to the General Chapter were counted.

  8. The proposed Manual of the Secretariat of Justice and Peace was examined by the Council and approved for submission to the General Chapter.

  9. The Econome General presented his report to the Council and discussed several projects presently under consideration.

  10. The Prior General informed the Council of possible additional volunteers for the Mission in Cuba as well as an initiative under study for the establishment of a house in Taiwan.

  11. Approval was given to a friar of Michoacan Province to seek incardination in a diocese.

  12. The Council reviewed and approved, with modifications, a Supplement to the Ratio Institutionis submitted by the Commission on Initial Formation, to be presented to the General Chapter.

  13. Several requests for financial assistance from the Solidarity Fund were entertained. Three were approved. Additional information will be sought from a fourth.


The reports of the Prior General and Assistants General since the February, 2013 Council meeting are summarized as follows:

Fr. Robert Prevost attended a meeting in Guadarrama, Spain, as follow-up to last Fall's Assembly of our Contemplative Nuns who are now undertaking the renewal of their Constitutions. In addition, he made visits to various communities of the nuns in the Philippines, Italy and Spain. He participated in the meeting of OSAAP in the Philippines, and in Lima, Peru, he attended a meeting of the vicars of the Order's three vicariates in that country to begin the process toward the establishment of a new Province, and met as well with these three vicars and the provincial of the Province of Peru to discuss common initiatives. He presided at the Provincial Chapter of England-Scotland and the ordination of Bishop Alberto Bochatey in Argentina.

Fr. Alejandro Moral, reported on the Spirituality Course offered in Italian during the early part of the year and raised the question of organization for the second cycle of the course to begin early in 2014 in Spanish. He attended a meeting for Augustinian Fraternities in Panama in April with members from Central America and Mexico. He participated, as well, in the meeting of the Provincials of Europe that was held in Krakow, Poland at the end of April and the beginning of May.

Fr. Miguel Angel Keller attended a meeting of the organizing committee of OALA in Costa Rica, and directed a retreat of the Vicariate of Argentina. He is scheduled to visit Caracas and Bogota in which latter place he will meeting with the theology and philosophy professors of the Order in Latin America.

Fr. Rommel Par attended the meeting of OSAAP for the major superiors the Asia-Pacific region where discussion was held on the desire to open a house in Taiwan, and the possibility of a common novitiate for the region. He also reported on a meeting in Brazil to continue plans for the Augustinian Youth Encounter to be held in July.

Fr. Franz Klein also attended the AYE planning meeting in Brazil, and a meeting of the Federation of Germany and Belgium concerning our presence in the Congo. He presided at the mid-Chapter of Germany and reported that the Province has decided to open a new community in Erfurt. He also attended the Chapter of the English-Scottish Province, made a visit to Vienna and participated in the meeting of the Organization of Provincials of Europe in Krakow.

Fr. Michael Di Gregorio also attended the meeting of the Organization of Provincials of Europe in Europe.

Fr. Martin Micallef visited Malta, attended the meeting of Provincials in Poland and paid several visits to the community in San Gimignano.



Augustinian Youth Encounter July 15 - 20, 2013, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Information can be found at www.ejasp2013.com.br.

Ordinary General Chapter August 28, 2013, Rome


The next Plenary Meeting of the General Council is scheduled for July 8, 2013

Michael Di Gregorio, OSA June 2, 2013


*Secretaries of Circumscriptions: Please send timely notice of the names and dates of death of friars, as well as the names and dates of friars making simple and solemn professions, for publication on the Order web page, to: mdigregorio@osacuria.org or segreteria@osacuria.org. Any news items for inclusion on the Order's web page may be sent to the same email addresses.

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