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"Anima una et cor unum in Deum!" (Regula)

Thought of Saint Augustine
The faithful know that it is the Body of Christ if they don't neglect to be the Body of Christ. May they become the Body of Christ if they want to live of the Spirit of Christ.
Past and present I find in all movement of things; but it is not so in the Truth that remains forever; I only find the present in her, and this is incorruptible; this cannot be said of creatures.
(In Io. Ev. XXXVIII, 10)
God has to be searched and invoked in the secret of a rational soul, which is called the interior man.
(De magistro 1)

Honorary Citizen of Pavia

Pavia - Italy
December 2012

Fr. Giustino Casciano, for eight years Prior of the community in Pavia, and presently Prior of the community of Saint Augustine in Gubbio, has been named an Honorary Citizen of the city of Pavia. The city council decided to confer this recognition on Fr. Giustino, as the declaration states, "for his commitment, outstanding human, religious and civic character, for his cultural contribution aimed at enhancing the figure of St. Augustine whose relics are preserved in the Basilica of Saint Peter in Ciel d'Oro, and for his diligent work aimed at the renewal of the cultural dialogue between the thought of this saintly Father of the Church and the city of Pavia, with an international reach." On leaving Italy a few months ago to take up his new duties in Gubbio, Father Giustino said, "I have experienced unforgettable moments here, such as the visit of the Holy Father, the arrival of the Dialogue Torch, an initiative that united the African and European shores of the Mediterranean, and the International Meeting of young Augustinians. The tomb of St. Augustine is increasingly known throughout the world as ... a place of beauty, culture, and spirituality because St. Augustine is truly loved and known all over the world. "

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