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"Anima una et cor unum in Deum!" (Regula)

Thought of Saint Augustine
When did the Lord want to show himself? At the breaking of the bread. We can be sure of that: by sharing the bread, we recognize the Lord.
The majesty of God surpasses by far our capacity for expression, because it is better to think of God than to talk of Him, and better is He still than what is thought.
(De Trinitate VII, 4,7)
Let us love the Lord our God, let us love the Church. He, like a father; she, like a mother. He, like a master; she, like a servant. For we are the children of this very servant.

Recent Provincial Chapters

Provincial Chapters in California, Germany, Chile and Mexico

Recent Provincial Chapters

Over the past few months, the following Provinces celebrated their chapters. Congratulations to the newly elected, and thanks for having accepted this service in the Order.

Province of California

Prior Provincial: Gary SANDERS
Councilors: Robert GAVOTTO / John KELLER / Kevin MULLINS / Gregory HEIDENBLUT
Secretary: James RETZNER
Bursar: Gregory HEIDENBLUT

Province of Germany

Prior Provincial: Alfons TONY
Councilors: Christoph WEBERBAUER / Dominik WERNICKE / Matthäus KLEIN / Jeremias KIESL
Secretary: Lukas SCHMIDKUNZ
Bursar: Peter REINL

Province of Chile

Prior Provincial: Enrique CATALAN
Councilors: Josè Ignacio BUSTA / Gonzalo REBOLLEDO / Edson RODRIGUEZ / Juan Francisco COSTANZO
Secretary: Rodrigo COLIHUINCA
Bursar: Gonzalo REBOLLEDO

Province of Mexico

Prior Provincial: Mario MENDOZA
Councilors: Usai Heliodoro ROMERO / Horacio GOMEZ / Sergio RAMOS / Jose Luis LARA
Secretary: Roberto VELASQUEZ
Bursar: Francisco Javier TORRES


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