Order of Saint Augustine

"Anima una et cor unum in Deum!" (Regula)

Thought of Saint Augustine
It is better to wage war with hope of eternal peace than servitude without hope of liberation.
(De Civ. Dei XXI, 15)
I thirst in this journey, I thirst as run ahead but will be sated only when I come to the end.
(En. in ps. 41, 5)
God became a man so that by following a man, which you can do, you will reach God, which you could not do.

The Ordinary General Chapter

From the Constitutions of the Order:

408. The general chapter, which is convoked "for the purpose of promoting the common welfare of all the friars," is the chief event in the life of the Order, for it should offer witness to the Augustinian spirit and demonstrate clearly the unity of minds and hearts. Therefore, conscious of their serious responsibility, all chapter members should seek the common good of the Order.

409. Ordinary general chapters shall be held every six years on the day and place determined by the prior general with the consent of his council.

410. If serious difficulties should arise, the faculty is expressly granted to the general with the consent of his council to postpone the date of the chapter, but not beyond three months.

The Intermediate General Chapter

446. Three years after the ordinary general chapter, the intermediate general chapter shall be held. It is to be celebrated according to the norms established for the ordinary general chapter with the necessary adjustments. For the sake of developing the spirit of belonging to the whole Church and the entire Order as well as promoting better mutual understanding among the provinces, the chapter should be held in different regions.

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