Your prayer is a conversation with God. When you read, it is God who is speaking, when you pray, it is with God that you are speaking.

Saint Augustine

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Spirituality Course 2014 in Spanish




PLACE AND DATE: Rome – Augustinian Institute February 3 to April 29, 2014

PARTICIPANTS: Religious men and women of the Augustinian family – Spanish speaking

ACCOMODATION: Collegio Santa Monica (Rome) for Augustinian friars [the course is also open to Augustinian sisters who will live in local houses of their congregation]

REGISTRATION: No later than the 31st of October 2013

To register or for more information:

Robert Guessetto (Istituto di Spiritualità)



1. Spirituality: 50 hours

- Sacred Scripture in the writings of Augustine ( 5 hours) Miguel de la Lastra

- Spirituality of St. Augustine I / II (20 hours) Santiago Sierra

- Spirituality of the Mendicant Orders ( 10 hours) Luis Marin

- Hagiography – important figures, relevance for today and new evangelization (10

hours) Miguel Villamizar


2. Augustinian Theology: 60 hours

  • Theology (10 hours) Gonzalo Tejerina

  • Christology (10 hours) Pedro Langa

  • Anthropology (10 hours) Miguel Ángel Álvarez

  • Ecclesiology (10 hours) Tomás Marcos

  • Sacramental (10 hours) Antonio Gaytan

  • Pastoral (10 hours) Miguel Ángel Keller


3. History: 70 hours

- Writings of Saint Augustine: Rule and Confessions (15 hours) Pio de Luis

- Writings of St. Augustine: City of God (10 hours) Nello Cipriani

- History and charism (10 hours) Brian Lowery

  • History of the Order: origins and development into provinces (15 hours) Jesús Álvarez

  • History of the Order: missions, major figures, aug. Family (10 hours) Miguel Ángel Orcasitas

  • Documents: Constitutions, Ratio, juridical structure (5 hours) Miguel Ángel Juárez

  • Recent documents (5 hours) Santiago Insunza


4. Society: 25 hours

  • Seminar : World-Society today (15 hours) Enrique Martin

  • Human sciences seminar: Psychology, Sociology, Pedagogy (10 hours) Amado Llorente