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"Anima una et cor unum in Deum!" (Regula)

Pensiero di Sant'Agostino
Vana è la predicazione di Dio se fatta al di fuori della Chiesa.
(En. in ps. 72, 34)
Signore, mi valga per il conseguimento della liberazione il prezzo tanto grande del sangue del mio Signore; e nei pericoli di questa vita, non mi abbandoni la tua misericordia.
(En. in Ps. 25, I, 11)
Ecco dunque che tu riponi in Dio la tua speranza, ma intanto che farai? Di che cosa ti occuperai, se non di lodare colui che ami e di far sì che altri lo amino con te?
(En. in ps. 72, 34))

Capitolo della provincia di Irlanda

June 2013

The Province of “Our Lady of Good Counsel” of Ireland recently celebrated its Ordinary Provincial Chapter, in County Tipperary, at the “Horse and Jockey”, a centrally located venue which made travel more convenient for all the participants. The Irish Province has made the choice to celebrate their chapters in assembly, rather than by electing delegates, and over 70 members of the Province took part. The President of the Chapter was the Prior General, Fr. Robert Prevost, and the Assistant General, Fr. Franz Klein, was also present for the entire time of the Chapter.

The Chapter begin on Monday, June 24th, with a day of reflection, under the guidance of Fr. Michael Drumm, a priest of the Diocese of Elphin, and chairman of the Catholic Schools’ Partnership, a body that provides support to Catholic schools in Ireland. He is the author of several books and articles on sacramental theology.


During the Chapter, the new Provincial Council was elected. The Counselors are Frs. John Hughes, Noel Hession, Michael Mernagh and Tom Sexton. The Secretary of the Province is Fr. Dick Lyng and Fr. Richie Goode was elected to be the new Bursar. In preparation for the council elections, the newly elected Prior Provincial, Fr. John Hennebry, expressed on behalf of the entire province gratitude to the outgoing provincial, Fr. Gerry Horan, and to his council, for their years of service.


On Thursday, the Eucharist was celebrated at the Abby of the Holy Cross, which was originally built by the Cistercians in the 11th century. The church was restored twenty-five years ago, and the historical significance of the setting added to the celebration, in which the new Provincial leadership team was confirmed in office by the Prior General.


Other participants in the Chapter included Fr. John Abubakar, Prior Provincial of the Nigerian Province, which was born through the outstanding missionary efforts of the Irish Province, as well as Irish missionaries from Nigeria, Kenya, Ecuador, and the United States.

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