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"Anima una et cor unum in Deum!" (Regula)

Pensamiento de San Agustín
Señor, enséñame lo que debo enseñar. Enséñame lo que sobre todo debo conocer y contemplar.
(Carta 166,10)
Extiende tu amor a toda la tierra si quieres amar a Cristo, pues los miembros de Cristo están en toda la tierra. Si amas sólo una parte, estás dividido.
(Comentario 1Juan 10,)
Señor mi Dios, escucha mi oración. Considera piadosamente mi deseo, que no me toca sólo a mi mismo, sino también al bien del prójimo.
(Confesiones 11,2)

Mendicantes y la nueva evangelización

Roma - Italia
Mayo 2012

The Superiors General of the various Mendicant Orders met recently in Rome to study the question of the Mendicant contribution to the Church’s initiative regarding evangelization. Archbishop Reno Fisichella, President of the Pontifical Council for the Promotion of the New Evangelization, addressed the group, which included the Superiors General and an accompanying member of each Order’s General Council. Small discussion groups considered opportunities and challenges facing the friars as well as the specific features of Mendicant spirituality that favor and promote the Orders’ participation in this important initiative of the Church. Prominent features such as the spirit of fraternity, availability and accessibility to the faithful, preparation for and engagement in preaching were among the specific elements cited both by the Archbishop and the friars. Prior General, Robert Prevost, and Vicar General, Michael Di Gregorio, attended the day-long conference. The assembly decided to continue discussions around the topic. Of interest is that a number of Mendicant Superiors will be members of the Synod on Evangelization in October, including Fr. Prevost. Also participating in the Synod will be Cardinal Prospero Grech.

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